Famous Celebrities Who Have Survived Incredibly Tragic Pasts

30 Celebrities Who Have Survived Incredibly Tragic Pasts

Ismail Tara

Ismail Tara is famous comedian and actor. Ismail said in his recent interview that he lost his 8 year old son during live performance . His son died at home but he went to theater to perform live show . Due to professionalism he perform on that day but he was crying and hiding his tears from audience , when show ended he told people that his son died just before his live performance.



Raheem Shah

Raheem Shah said in his interview that ” mene mere baap ko Saudia Arab me mazdoori ker te hue dekha tha , mujhe bhet tekleef hoti thi . jab mene video bana ne ka socha to us time mere pass bilkul paise nahi hote the lakin mujhe yad hai us zamane me log blood donate kerte the to badle me paise milte the us waqt maine blood donate kia aor mjhe 200 pkr mile the aor doctor ne mjhe kaha tha ke kuch phal wagera khaya karo beta .”




Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi revealed that his father has invested 1 crore rupees in 1996 at stock exchange but in morning his father was shocked to know that they lost all their money which they invested in stock market . It was the most difficult time of Afridi’s life . He said that his father has to pay debts to people but they dont have money. Afridi use to cry when   saw his father crying on Jae Namaz .

Another tragedy happened in life of afridi when his mother died while performing Namaz and he was out of karachi but he feel that something wrong has happened.


Mani’s  26 year old  Brother  Hassan’s Sudden Death


Mani’s younger brother Hassan who direct many dramas like MR Shamim and others died few month back. Hassan had brain tumor. Mani said in his interview that ” Mene Hassan ko bachane ke lia Dunya Jahan ka Paisa Laga Dia, Mujhe Ab bhi Yaqeen Nahi Aata Hassan Kese Chala Gaya, Wo Itna Talented tha Wo Industry ko bhet ziada serve ker sakta tha.”


Mani said that now he realize that anyone can die , now he is not afraid of death because his brother’s death he become more serious in life. Mani said that since last 2 year his whole family was trying to let Hassan get out of danger of death but he died. He still think it happened with Hassan.


Faryal Gauhar’s fiance died in plane crash


Feryal Ali Gauhar still remembers the shock of discovering that the man she was to marry had been killed, two weeks before their wedding.

His name was Mohammad Darwish, a Palestinian pilot. His aircraft had been caught in a sandstorm and crashed in the Libyan Desert on the night of April 8, 1992. It was no ordinary flight — on board was the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, along with other passengers. While everyone else survived the crash — including Arafat — Darwish, his co-pilot and an engineer died.



Bilal Ashraf

Bilal’s sister Sadia Ashraf, who used to teach filmmaking at New York University, noticed that void in him and advised him to move to London to study visual effects. Upon completion of his diploma in this field, Bilal returned to Pakistan and launched Radical Films with Sadia, soon after that, Sadia passed away. This was a major turning point in Bilal’s life, and made him put everything else on the back burner. His sister was suffering through cancer .

Maya Ali’s last meeting with father

Maya Ali Reveals in her interview that her father was unhappy to her working in showbiz bit after almost five years her accept her and feels proud of her

Maya ‘s statement about last meeting father

” Mujhe yad hai jab humtv awards lage the to mere baba bhi dekh rahe the aor mujhe award nahi mila tha , mere baba mere pass aae aor kehne lage ke is bar tumhe award nahi mila lakin next year tumhe award mile ga Man Mayal ke lia. Mera dil itna khush hua , mera dil chah ra ha tha ke Baba ko gale lagaw lakin in 5 saalo me itna gap aa gya tha per mai bhet khush thi . mai bhet hulka phulka mehsus ker rai thi ke mere Baba mjhse khush hai . Agli subha mene trukey jana tha , mjhe abhi  4 ghante hue the ke mere chote bhai ka phone aa gya ke Baba nahi rahe”

Believe me when i was watching her show i was crying to know about her father’s sudden demise.


Jia Ali Beautiful Soul Who Sacrifice Her Life For Sake Of Family

Jia Ali tell her story why her boyfriend refuse to marry her. Jia tells in her recent interview that after death of her mother no one was ready to take care of her younger brother. She ask her fiance that after marriage she will take the responsibility  of her younger as both her mother and father died. At that time Jia decide that she will not a person who dont want to help her in crisis.We all thought that these actresses are nice people but we cant imagine that how many test and trails they face in voyages of life.




Abdul Sattar Eidhi and Bilqees Eidhi

One of the residence of Eidhi house killed grandson of Abdulsattar and Bilqees BB. The most saddest thing happened in life of Eidhis. According to bilqees Sahiba , female resident of house killed her grandson , she burn him to death.

Bilqees ‘s statement

” wo hmare pass pana lia hue thi aik din usne hmare nawase ko jala ker maar dia jab humne poocha ke tumne aesa kyu kia to usne kaha ap log mujhse pehle jesa pyar nahi kerte . Humne us aurat ko maaf kerdia kyunke us aurat ko saza hone se hamara nawasa wapis to nahi a sakta tha”

only greats can forgive such people .





Mohsin Abbas Haider


Mohsin Abbas Haider Gets Emotional While Talking About His Daughter

Mohsin’s statement

”Mene teen sal pehle isi terha apne Amma ko khoya.Mjhe yad hai mai dubai me tha hum style awards ho rahe the. Mai jis rat wapis aya uski agli subha Maa ki death ho gi. Phir Mahween meri beti meri zindagi me ati hai. Mujhe waja mil ja ti hai Kam ker ne ki. Mahveen ko jab hum hospital le ker puhunche unhone usko nebolize kia aor wo 5 kg ki thi. Rat ko ghar wapis aa gae phir wo normal thi subha mjhe meri wife ne kaha ke mohsin yeh roh nahi rahi, doodh nahi mang rahi. Phir usne vomit ki mai usko bathroom le ker gya lkn uske per neele ho chuke the.Hum hospital ke lia bhage aor doctors ne mujhe kaha five percent heath beat hai , unhone ventilator per daal dia aor teesi bar doctor ne aa ker kaha heart beat straight ho gai hai.

meri beewi senses me nahi thi aor mjhe piche se aik aadmi ne kaha yeh bills hai ap sign krde , mjhe unhone bhoolne hee nahi dia phir kaha gaya ke thane se form laae , falah cheez ki char photocopies chaye beghm ka id card nahi.

is saare panic me mjhe hospital walo ne rone ka moqa hee nahi dia , taboot lena tha pata nahi kia kia krena tha aor phir hum faisalabad gae , mjhe itna masroof krdia gya ke mjhe yaad hee nahi tha mere sath kia hua hai.”




Quratulain Baloch cant met her mother



While talking on famous show Rewind With Samina Peerzada, QB tells that she grew up in her phupho’s house because her parents divorced when she was young. She recalls their relationship saying that both of her parents belonged to a different school of thoughts and never got along. Due to them being poles apart, their relationship was never pleasant.
It resulted in her father divorcing her mother, and choosing to live with his second wife. Later her mother took custody of her sister and also left her to live in the United States.
QB talked in detail about how living alone for the most part in life shaped her opinions altogether. She said that she made many efforts to bring them on one page and save the relationship they had but failed. She recalled that back in 2013 when she met a serious accident, it was after ages that she saw her parents in one room. But soon, it again turned into a hot battleground where both of her parents were arguing with each other while she laid there fighting for her life. She said that at that moment, she finally decided to give up on them.





Nirma is facing bad patch as she has no home.her brother beat her and ask her to earn money otherwise he will not let her to live in his house .

meet the dark side of showbiz world

facts about pitiable actress

the lost actress Nirma from riches to rag

That’s the problem with glamour industry. .. you cannot get old without losing fame.. everything is temporary over there.. your rise..fame… money..recognition everything is lost with ageing process and losing good looks.. its horrible industry. .
There aor mere ghar ke beech me hai laari laari adda aaha….. if you watch this song on youtube so can see the persona of this lost lollywood diva , whose name is Nirma. Unfortunately Nirma failed to make any impact on silver screen . She has done dramas too in past but she was not so successful even in dramas like her fellow actresses.
According to reports Nirma is living on rent in DHA Lahore as paying guest at some friend’s place. Nirma’s brother demands her to earn more if she want to live in his house . As we all know Nirma is not getting work in tv and films so she has not option except attending parties of Elite class in city.
There were rumors that Nirma is settle in Abroad but this is not true, She is living in Lahore and she use to attend elite class parties . Unfortunately producers are casting her in t eir projects . Even there was a time when she was ready to do B grade punjabi films but now there is film or tv project for her.
No morning show host come to rescue her or want to invite her in their show. Nirma is helpless as her relatives have left her alone. Her brother disown her because she is unable to earn handsome amount of rupees.
what we expect from world of showbiz. Nothing is permanent in showbiz.
No fame No Gain ….. Truth of glamour world is once you lost Fame , you lost everything.

Saba Qamar ‘s brave step to become an actress come from conservative family

Saba Qama’s father died when she was just three or four year old kid. Saba supports her family by working in showbiz.

in start it was not easy for Saba to get big roles but with the passage of time producers and directors start casting her main roles. almost 10 years passed since Saba is no 1 tv actress of country.Very few people know that Saba comes from Syed family and her uncles dont allow her to work in showbiz so she ask them if they provide them income to for living ? No body in family was rich and kind heart enough to give them money so it is obvious that Saba has to join showbiz in proper manner .




Iman Ali

The supermodel and actress Iman Ali and her younger sister Rahma came from a broken home. Iman Ali is the daughter of Abid Ali and Humaira Ali.
I have read in a interview of Humaira Abid (year 2006) in which she has accepted the truth that Iman has never compromise in field of showbiz thats why they are not even able to purchase their own home. with this statement we can assume that Iman is not like other actresses and models who only work for money and fame.
When Iman Ali was young, her mother left Abid Ali and took Iman with her to live in a separate house. Iman Ali has spent all her life with her mother in a separate house.
Iman’s mother said: Abid was a big cheater so I left him and decided to live with my daughter in a separate house.





In recent interview Sajal Revealed about her relationship with father . She tells in media that she was angry with her father because her left sajal ‘s mother when she was in pain . He got married to some other woman .
sajal’s statement
“My mother had a difficult time when my father left. I worked hard and became financially stable and told him we didn’t need his money. I was angry ‘kaisay doosri shaadi kar li!’ After my mother’s death, I eventually learnt to let go. My father speaks regularly with us now and is very proud of me.”
Sajal was disturbed because of her father’s second marriage , the way he left her mother when family needs him makes her childhood more tragic . However things are normal now sajal ‘s younger brother is in Australia for studies her elder sister Saboor Ali is also getting good projects now.


Qaisar Naqvi

”Zindagi to hai hee aik mushkil cheez ka naam ”  Qaiser Naqvi started her interview with these words when she was invited at Geotv’s morning show host. Qaiser Naqvi ‘s story is tragic as her husband died when Qaiser was so young. She had four daughter at that time when her husband died . It was most painful period of her life .At that time nobody want her to join showbiz but to survive she has to take the bravie decision of joining showbiz. Qaiser jee is ill these days and she cannot walk . when she come in shaista’s show she was on wheel chair.


Ghazala Javed

actress Ghazala Javed was so young when she became widow. unfortunately Ghazala’s son in law is also not in this world but she hide her sadness from world. No body can imagine that her life if full of sorrows and tragedies. Her daughter who lost her husband is Teacher at private school in Karachi . She has two grand children one daughter and son . According to veteran actress it was Moin Akhtar who helped her a lot in gaining success in showbiz world.actress was crying while telling that after her husband’s death her brothers have tried to give her financial support but she refuse to get any help from relatives and considered not to depend on any one

Humaira Abid

Humaira is ex wife of ptv actor Abid Ali.Abid Ali divorced Humaira and now he is married to Rabia Noreen.once i read Humaira ‘s interview before their divorce and when interviewer asked Abid that if he remember date of births of his daughter so Abid failed to remember the exact dates then Humaira suddenly said ”Abid Apko to Hamari Betyo Ke birthday bhi Yad nahi.”interview was published in year 2006 Khawateen DigestHumaira told in her interview that even at that time Iman is super star in modeling world but still they are living in a rented house. Humaira has express in her interview that her ex husband is careless and he dont even give them money for living . Unfortunately Humaira took divorce from Abid Ali and now she is working in dramas too.

Badar Khalil

Badar Khalil ‘s husband legendry director shehzad khalil died whenhe was so young . Thats why Badar has to work in showbiz on regular basis for living. Badar said that her brothers were against her decision of working in dramas but she has to do something .few lines from her interview“I worked hard when Shahzad Khalil passed away. I brought my boys up; all parents do that and I don’t want to recount those days but my life wasn’t easy. Yet I did not beg, borrow or steal roles. There were days when I would look at my role and say ‘is this what I’m going to do’? But then I would think ‘let’s do it, at least it will take care of the bills’.”

Ismat Zaidi

Ismat Zaidi tells that her husband got married to an other girl which hurt her a lot . her in laws were very strict so they dont want to leave ismat helpless . after her husband’s unexpected marriage she started to work in showbiz.She told in her interview that directors ask her to wear sleeve less shirts and to smoke as its demand of her character but she refuse to play that sort of role so she limited her self to motherly characters Unfortunately greatest tv actress had troubled married life. Her ex husband was not keen to take any responsibility of family . He was not so punctual when it comes to do proper job.

Hina Dilpazir


It was Hina who manage to bear all , She was earning hand at the time and she had one son too . Her husband  was alcohlic and he use to beat her and abuse her one black day her husband was not in his conscious and started fight with Hina , Eventually he give without realizing what he is saying , He uttered Tallaq in front of her and that how he give her divorce.Hina accepts in her interviews that in starting of drama career she was given side roles like servant type characters but after proving herself Hina become most demanding tv actress.



Shehla Qureshi from Des Pardes

Shehla Qureshi the lost actress, i cant get photo here but let me tell you shehla’s fiance died in road accident and after his death shehla lost her Consciousness. she use to visit his grave on daily basis and cant bear the pain. According to news report Shehla has given interviews many magazines of that time with her fiance when he was a live but after sudden death Shehla take the loss to heart and she spend days and nights in graveyard while sitting near his grave she cries a lot . Well now Shehla is living in Dubai , she got married to some family friend and has left showbiz too.shehla was seen in hit dramas like des pardes and saiban .


Andaleeb is disappeared since the guy throw acid on her face. she is no where now. some media channels have tried to let her on tv and force her to tell her story on tv but she refuse to do so.Andaleeb is living in America now . She has done plastic  surgery to look better and after that incident no body has ever  see her in Pakistan .