Famous People Who Are Children Of Divas Of Silver Screen From Past

Famous People Who Are Children Of Divas Of Silver Screen From Past

Sahiba Daughter Of Nisho

Sahiba also known as Sahiba Ahmad is a Pakistani film actress based in Lahore, born Madiha, daughter of actress Nisho. She was raised and educated in Lahore, Pakistan. She acted in many films in the 1990s but left the industry after marrying fellow actor John Rambo


Shan Shahid is son of Neelo


Neelo is a Pakistani film actress from Lahore, and the mother of film actor Shaan Shahid

Seemi Zaidi Daughter Of Tani Beghum

Jana Malik Daughter Of  Sweety



Saima Qureshi Is daughter of Rozina


Saima Qureshi is daughter of Riffat Qureshi and Rozina. She has acted in television dramas, commercials and in a film too. She appeared as heroine in film Hum Aik Hain opposite Shamil Khan, which was directed by Syed Noor. Since Saima was already the name of another famous film heroine, she appeared in film with a filmi name of Gull. Saima Qureshi is married and has a son.

Madiha Rizvi And Imran Rizvi Are Children Of Deeba Former Superstar

Deeba, is a Pakistani film actress. She was one of the leading film actresses during the 1960s and 1970s, well-known for her romantic and tragic roles in Urdu and Punjabi films. Famous dramas actress Madiha Rizvi and Imran Rizvi are children of Deeba.


 Usman Mukhtar is son of Nasira

Personal life. Mukhtar was born in Rawalpindi on the 27 July 1985, to actress Nasira, who has acted in 158 films and was known for her roles as a villain, while his grandfather was a lawyer.