Famous People Who Are Relative Of Journalists

Famous People Who Are Relative Of Journalists


Aima Baig

Aima Baig reveal in her show that she is relative of Mubashir Luqman, Famous journalist is her father’s first cousin. Aima reveal this in tonight’s episode of the after moon show with yasir hussain.


Aima’s statement from  previous interview

‘Mubashir Luqman is cousin of my father as they used to work together in Oman back in the day. He knew me from that time so when we had a chance meeting in Lahore, he asked me what I was doing. That meeting took place when he was ‘off-aired’ from TV and was looking to do something different. It was his idea to come up with this version of Summer Wine that became popular online, especially as no one expected him to sing a song. We play-acted like Bono and The Corrss, who had performed on one of the earlier versions.’



Fakhre Alam

Aroosa Alam is mother of Fakhre Alam singer and actor . She was married a civil officer. Aroosa also started her journalism career and is a prominent journalist working in English newspapers. Her son Fakhre Alam is famous personality of Pakistan.  Fakhre Alam received his education from the United States and there he developed an interest in the rap music. In early 1990’s he released his urdu album consisting of rap music. The album became successful and his song rap bhangra became widely popular. Fakhre Alam also hosted various programs.