Famous who lost the fight against Cancer and died


Famous who lost the fight against Cancer and died


Cancer is the disease which is spreading in Asian region like fire in jungle.The most unfortunate thing is that in Pakistan there are limited medical sources and people are not much aware about cancer.
Cancer is disease which can hit rich or poor both
In showbiz world number of celebrities who are victim of cancer is high unfortunately.
we have lost so many celebrities who failed to beat cancer. shining stars like Nazia Hassan,who suffering from lungs cancer and personal life matter broker her.
Actress like Khalda Riasat who was cancer patient sister of ayesha khan sinior.
Farah Jahanzeb was living alone in Lahore after her divorce with her actor husband and she was lonely battling cancer.

Nazia Hassan

Sikandar Sanam comedian

Ayub Khan aka Babbu Baral

Fareed Khan actor

Musician Adesh Shirivastav

Farah Jahanzeb cooking expert

Sarah Riaz cooking expert

Tom Beard hollywood actor