Former Celebrities Who Are On Religious Path Now

Noor Bukhari
Noor has left showbiz and now she is busy in up bringing of her children. She is blessed mother of 2 daughters.Noor is now away from glamour and lime light.
Urooj Nasir

Family Front’s Huma is now a completely changed personality. She is no more part of drama industry and limited to only religious show. She run her brand Hajibees which sell Hijab. Urooj is mother of 10 years old girl and happily married.
Sanam Choudhary

Sanam ch is another example of celebrity who left life of lime light and become religious. Sanam is married now and mother of a son as well. She shared how she feel after sudden change in life.

Sana Khan
Sana Khan, who quit the world of entertainment citing religious reasons, took wedding vows, last year with Mufti Anas. The Jai Ho actress’ wedding happened in Surat, in an intimate ceremony. Sana was introduced to her husband by Big Boss fame Ajaz Khan. Sana feels complete now, she reveal that when she was part of showbiz she feels herself under grave so after realization Sana Khan turn to pious personality. Sana has performed Hajj and Umrah in current year.

Sara Chaudhary
Sara Chaudhary has left showbiz about 11 years ago.

Sataish Khan
Sataish Khan stopped working in showbiz since many years.