Fun Facts About Handsome Dude Adeel Chaudhry

Fun Facts About Handsome Dude Adeel Chaudhry

Adeel Chaudhry is singer , model actor we all know that, but today i am going to share some unknown and interesting facts about this cool looking boy. Adeel is very humble and calm personality. He is different than others. Lets find out amazing facts about this flamboyant young guy.

*Adeel Chaudhry is grand son of first Pakistani president Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry.

*Adeel ‘s father is army General now his father is retired from Army.Adeel’s father was so strict even his father ask him to leave home if he want to try his luck in showbiz.

*Adeel Chaudhry  has Canadian Passport. His parents are living in Lahore , Pakistan but his other family members are not living in Pakistan.

*Adeel Chaudhry is dentist by profession and has two brothers as well. His elder brother is skin specialist.

*Adeel Chaudhry is professional dentist, but he has done some practice as a pilot. Adeel is actor, singer and model. So Adeel can adopt any profession when it needed.

 *Adeel Ch has given few Bollywood his as well. His first song was for Shahid and Vidya Balan starrer movie Qismat Connection.

*Adeel Ch has worked as mode in Bollywood as well. He has done some advertisements with biggies of Bollywood including Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachhan.

*Adeel is travelholic , according to him he spends his all money on just travelling.

*Adeel’s zodiac sign in Jiminy.

*A funny thing Adeel reveal about himself that he wash his hair with Mineral water. He take care of his good health as well. Adeel runs for 8 kilometers every day to stay fit Masha Allah.