Fun Facts About Life Of Faryaad Fame Actress Aiza Awan Fresh Face Of Pakistani Dramas

Fun Facts About Life Of Faryaad Fame Actress Aiza Awan Fresh Face Of Pakistani Dramas


Aiza Awan is a young and talented drama actress and her fans want to know complete information about Aiza Awan. Aiza Awan started her career from modeling. Her Debut drama was “Mujhay Beta Chahyien”. She performed amazingly in “Mujhat Beta Chahyien” and gained huge fan following in a short time. Aiza Awan in Dewangi performed the role of Rida with Hiba Bukhari and Danish Taimoor. She is looking amazing in this drama serial. Viewers appreciated her charming personality and incredible acting skills.


Age And Height

Aiza Awan was born on 07 August 1998 in Karachi. Her age is about 22 years.  Her height is 5 feet 6 inches.


Aiza Awan has completed her graduation and started her career in modeling and acting.


Aiza Awan want to become a model , it was her wish as teenager but she was a bit chubby so she choose acting as profession. According to her you can be an actress even if you are little bit  over weight.

Health Conscious And Weight

Aiza reveal that she was 65 KG but now her weight is 51 kg. Aiza was is keen hard worker. She even starve to loose weight. According to her when ever she feel that she gaining weight so she start diet.

Reaction Of Parents And Relatives

Her parents and family members were not in favor of her to join showbiz but soon they give her permission. Her parents were extremely unhappy to see her joining showbiz. Aiza reveal that her relatives have also played negative part as her relatives showed anger on her decision of acting.

Struggling Days Of Acting

She reveal in interview that in start of acting career  it was so difficult for her  to Stand still during shooting .So directors use to be a bit harsh for not giving 100 percent on sets. Soon she learn the  skills and become popular star.


Things Aiza Hate The Most

Aiza reveal that she don’t like people who lie. She don’t like to be fooled by others. Another thing is that she is very punctual and she hate if people let her to wait . She cannot bear wait.

Relationship Status

Pakistani star Aiza Awan recently debuted her first ever look into a new mystery man who has stolen her heart and fans.

The star announced the news on Instagram with an adorable caption and a break taking shot showcasing their bond.

The picture in question included a clip of their hands intertwined atop the star’s knee and its caption read, “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.


Aiza Awan Dramas

Here is complete list of Aiza Awan Dramas:

Mujay Beta Chahyien