Heart Wrenching Situation Of Veteran And Elderly Actresses As They Are Battling With Serious Illnesses

Heart Wrenching Situation Of Veteran And Elderly Celebrities As They Are Battling With Serious Illnesses



This is what Imran Ashraf said about actress Zaheen Tahira on his instagram account Zaheen Tahira aapa Ap sab jantay hein Inhein Mein nai in saath bohat kaam Kia Pichlay 3 saal say jab bhi set par ati thi rootay howay ati thi aur meray hazar hasanay k baad bhi hastay hastay phir roo daiti thi In ki beti shadeed beemar hein bed par hein uth bhi nahi sakti jisay yeah sambhalti thi aur kaam bhi karna parta Tha na chahtay howay bhi set par Ana parta Tha Aaj appa khud ventilater par hein Please In k Liya khaaas dowa hein Dil aur rooh doono ki saaf tareen insaan In ki baiti ko Inki bohat zaroorat Hai

Qaiser Naqvi

Qaiser Naqvi was suffering from some ailment which mainly affected her legs which the doctors were unable to diagnose. She also said that although Qaiser Naqvi had given so many years to the entertainment industry but she never got a single award.

The seasoned actress was unable to continue acting which was her passion because of her health. Qaiser Naqvi said that she took her acting very seriously and she wanted to start acting so her fans should pray for her speedy recovery. She also shared her experience with top doctors and hospitals which wasn’t very good. She said that the doctors charge huge amounts but they do not even give the patient more than 2 or 3 minutes of their time. She said that she had been to all the best hospitals but they were unable to diagnose her problem.

In this interview Qaiser Naqvi telling how her legs got paralysis.


Recently She is on bed rest and cannot walk on her feet now. May Allah help her so she can survive.

Umer Sharif



In 2017 Umer Sharif was admitted in hospital as he was suffering from chest infection but he recover . recently someone has spread his photage from hospital but Umer denied that he is ill or suffering from any illness , we pray for his good health.

Jamil Fakhri

According to Jamil Fakhri’s family, he first learned on 7 December 2010 that his son, Ali Ayaz Fakhri, had been kidnapped and later killed in the U.S. where he was living. Details about his son’s gruesome murder reportedly were that he was cut up into pieces and then set on fire. This really distressed the actor and took a heavy toll on his health for several months until finally he had a stroke on 31 May 2011 and was taken to a hospital. He stayed in a coma there for many days and then died on 9 June 2011 at Lahore, Pakistan. He left behind three other sons, and a widow

Naila Jaffery

Pakistani veteran actress Nyla Jaffery is another victim of Cancer. Former actor Raju Jameel posted on his facebook wall that Nyla is battling with cancer decease.
Raju Jameel
”I greeted her and complained of her long absence on phone and otherwise that we had not met almost a year now.
A meek but controlled voice agreed and lamented on such happening by also instantly and bravely saying “Raju mujhay cancer hogaya hai!”

and I felt as if earth moved or rocked on a scale of 7. I controlled myself and with a lump in my throat..asked her…when and how?”
Nyla is famous tv personality still we can see her appearance in dramas. May Allah give her Health and long life.

last time naila was appear in sama tv ‘s morning show . she is such a brave lady .Now Naila is living in Gilgit Baltistan for peaceful  atmosphere .

Kanwal Nauman Actress and Politician

In year 2016 Kanwal Nauman senior TV actress and MPA of Punjab, was admitted in ICU due to brain Hemorrhage. She recover soon  and Allah has given her new life after battling with horrific disease . Now Kanwal is acting social worker and politician . May Allah bless her with health and prosperity.



Asma Abbasi

Asma is sister of Bushra Ansari was diagnosed with cancer last year.Masha Alla after treatment Asma is fine now and spending more time with family. Asma is eldest sister of bushra ansari married to army officer has one daughter name zara she is also actress and recently got married to actor asad siddiqui.


Uzma Gillani

Uzma reveal in her recent interview that when she come to know that she had cancer so she said ” tum mjhe kia picharo ge mai tumhe pichar dugi” so some one said to her that don’t say that as Allah Dont like it.
When i told Yasmeen Tahir that i had cancer so she said” kis maze se tum bata rahi ho ke tumhe cancer hua hai”
uzma gellani got married at age of 19 , her husband was 15 year old then her. she survive cancer and come back to dramas.

While talking about cancer Uzma said  ” Meri behno ne mera bhet saath dia lakin jo chemotrapy ki takleef thi us se to mai guzar rahi thi thi , is tekleef ka koi andaza nahi ker sakta.”