Hina Altaf Tries To Solve Issues Between Her And Aiman Khan

Hina Altaf Tries To Solve Issues Between Her And Aiman Khan

Hina Altaf congratulates Aiman and Muneeb on becoming parents of baby girl.

She said ”jab mujhe khabar mili thi ke unki beti hui hai to mai mere dosto ko bata rahi thi ke mai intezar ker rahi hu baby ki pictures ka , Baqi mujhe yeh tha ke dono ka jo bacha hoga wo buhet cute hoga, mujhe khud bhi bache buhet pasand hai wese.Allah uska naseeb acha kare. Mera us larai ke bad kabhi aamna saamna nahi hua. Mujhe is baare me mazeed baat hee nahi ker ni .mere dil me koi burai nahi hai to mai kyun justify ker ti phiru. Mai aiman aor muneeb se bhi kahu gi ke bharka ne wale log buhet ho te hai. ”


Thats how she react in her latest interview.






Few months back Altaf appeared on Hashmi’s show recently and when asked to name an actor who can’t act but has a lot of attitude, she called out Muneeb Butt.

To add insult to injury, Hashmi said he didn’t know who Butt was and had to Google him. “You don’t know Muneeb Butt?” cried Altaf in amazement, to which Hashmi replied that he didn’t really watch TV shows.

When Altaf reminded him about Butt and Khan’s wedding hashtag, #Aineebkishaadi, he instantly remembered the “50 crore wedding”. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the wedding was one of the most talked about events of 2018. With eight lavish events and a long celebrity guest list, their wedding was one of the most talked about events in the country at the time.

But it seems one celebrity didn’t make the cut — Altaf said she wasn’t invited. Hashmi instantly recalled that the day after the lavish wedding ended, Muneeb’s wife had ‘jahez khori band karo [stop demanding dowries]’ written on her hand in mehndi. His tongue in cheek reference was to Khan’s support of the UN Women’s campaign against exorbitant dowries the day after her own very expensive wedding.

But Khan didn’t take the jokes lying down. “I don’t understand why they try to bring others down! Such [a] shameful act, shame on these people for making fun of their colleagues. Such [an] uneducated host and guest I must say,” she posted on her Instagram story, hashtagging it “mehnat kar hassand na ker [work hard, don’t make fun of people]”.

Khan’s twin Minal also defended her brother-in-law and posted “Why do we hate each other so much?”. She also called Hashmi and Altaf uneducated in a Facebook post.