Iqrarulhassan Wife Uroosa Khan Birthday Party Pictures

Iqrar ul Hassan, known for his expertise in sting operations in Pakistan, has garnered attention for his multiple marriages that frequently make headlines. He is currently married to three women. Qurutulain Iqrar, his first wife, is the mother of his son, Pehlaaj Hassan. His second wife, Farah Yousaf, is also a well-known anchor with her own successful career. Aroosa Khan, his third wife, is also an anchor and manages Iqrar ul Hassan’s digital platform, SA Times.

Aroosa Khan shares a close bond with Iqrar ul Hassan’s first wife, Qurutulain Iqrar, and their son, Pehlaaj, often spending time together. Qurutulain has been supportive of Iqrar’s third marriage, and both wives appear to be great friends when they are together.