Javeria Saud’s Luxurios Home Decor Will Make You Amazed

Javeria Saud’s Luxurios Home Decor Will Make You Amazed




Many people ask from where Javeria Saud earns such money so want to tell you that Saud’s brother is event organizer based in USA. Javeria is business partner of Saud’s brother. This year Javeria manages Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha’s US tour with her business partner.
Javeria is also running fashion brand like this year Javeria Saud showcased her brand Javeria Jannat collection in Pakistan fashion week 2019 in Switzerland. Riwayat events every year organize Pakistan fashion week in Geneva, Switzerland. Brother of Salman Arbaz khan also modeled for javeria once in dubai.
Javeria is also running a production houses which has gives hit drama serials like Yeh Zindagi Hai, Yeh Kesi Muhabbat Hai and Khuda Aor Muhabbat. Javeria is also serving Express Entertainment as channel head. Javeria use to host morning show on Express Ent.

Javeria is successful producer, event organizer , writer , singer and host. Javeria is running multiple businesses.

She do a lot of charity work also. Very few people knows that JJS production always give their support to actor who comes from poor family back ground. JJS always give chances to new comers like Nouman Habib , Sidra Batool and many other actors.



Most of decoration pieces she bought from exhibition in Dubai. Her drawing room’s theme is red and white.

Dinner set her home is gold plated. In gold plated dinner sets she serves food to only very very special guests.
Few Kitchen utensils she bought from Turkey.

There are some picture of British culture hang on walls of her home. These pictures were specially made in Dubai to portray at her home.

Her home is full of mirrors and candles. There are two guest rooms in her house as Javeria use to invite so many guests at her home.