Leading Female Singers Of Pakistan With Their Children

Leading Female Singers Of Pakistan With Their Children

Pakistani singers and bands became popular during the early nineties, with pop, rock and Ghazal becoming more fashionable with the younger generations. This article contains a list of notable singers who are based in Pakistan. This list includes singers who in many genres including pop, rock, jazz, traditional, classical, Ghazals styles or folk music. Many singers have launched music careers of their children at very young age. Today we will talk about female leading singers of country. Our female lead singers are so natural. They are still quite popular among youth. Most of them are living happily with their children . We consider Fiza Ali also as singer because recently she launched her son. Beloved Nazia Hassan son is all grown up now and he living in UK with his uncle Zohaib Hassan. Like Sheraz Uppal’s singer Hadi Uppal has started his career. Singer Sajjad Ali’s son Khubi Ali has also stepped in music industry. Rahat Fateh Ali brings his son to shows where he performs. Attaullah Khan’s son is professional singer. Shafqat Amanat Ali’s son has recently launched his album. Now check out latest pictures of singers with their sons. Arif Lohar’s little kids are already star as they show their talent at different morning shows. Waris Baig’s son is singer.


Fiza Ali Daughter

Sanam Marvi With Her Children


Beloved Nazia Hassan Son Arez

Humaira Arshad With Her Son

Hadiqa Kiani With Her Son Nad e Ali