lesser known facts About Late Annie Ali Khan Model Turn Actress

lesser known facts About Late Annie Ali Khan Model Turn Actress


Family Background

Annie Ali Khan’s father had moved to Pakistan from India after partition. He was an airline pilot whose work took the family to Islamabad and then to Karachi.




In Karachi ,Khan studied computer science at the Sir Syed University, and became a computer engineer, before embarking on a successful career as a model.


Friends in showbiz

Annie Ali Khan was friend and colleague of Mahira Khan, even they both join showbiz together back in year 2008. Check out 10 year old interview of Annie , Mahira and Feeha Jamshed. Marina introduce them as angels.






At that time Anni was famous for her shows and modeling appearances in different music videos.

Check out video

Annie Ali Khan    Appeared in Bikhra Hun | Jal-The Band


First drama

Aenni was first seen as an actress in drama serial Meri unsuni kahani on humtv , it was Humtv’s mega budget drama as it was shot in Australia, Annie Ali Kha was lead heroine of that drama along with Faysal Qureshi and Ejaz Aslam.


Marriage and Divorce

It was while shooting a music video in New York that Khan first met fellow science fiction “geek”, director Sofian Khan – the man who would become her husband. Though Khan’s career was flying high in Pakistan at the time, she moved to New York for her marriage. The Khans worked together on numerous projects, with Sofian directing his wife in a series called New York Loves Annie for Play TV. Her marriage ended soon on divorce note.



She went to New York, where she completed a masters in journalism, she was all set to take her career as a magazine writer to new heights.



Obsession of fair skin in eye of Khan


In “Fair and Lovely”, that feature for Marie Claire in which Khan examined expectations of beauty for South Asian women, she wrote, “The older I got, the more I understood that fair skin was more than skin-deep in Pakistan. It was a status symbol, an indicator of class.”

After a childhood of being told by members of her own family that she was too dark-skinned to be considered beautiful,



Khan was found dead in her Karachi apartment after neighbours reported seeing a fire. She is believed to have taken her own life, dying of asphyxiation having set light to a pile of books.