Lets Check Out How Old Pakistani Celebrities Are

Lets Check Out How Old Pakistani Celebrities Are

Ayesha Khan

36 years

September 27, 1982

Ayesha Khan entered the television industry more than a decade ago. The viewers have seen her in many dramas showing different angles of her acting skills. She also worked in Pakistani Movies. now after her Marriage she left the industry completely.

Ayesha Omar

37 years

October 12, 1981

Ayesha Omar’s character “Khoobsurat” in the sitcom “Bulbulay” made her a household name. Ayesha Omar has worked in many dramas and has been part of films also but she is still better known as an actress and host. Moreover, she has a passion for singing.



Bushra Ansari


62 years

May 15, 1956

Bushra Ansari proves that old is gold! She is amazingly talented and young at heart. She excels at everything she puts her mind to. Bushra Ansari is a very gifted woman who truly proves that age really is a number.


Farah Hussain


43 years

November 8, 1975

Farah Hussain is another strong woman who made a shining career for herself after a broken marriage left her heart broken. She is one of the most favorite Morning Show hosts people love her for showing quality content.