Lets Get In Deep To Know Whats The Dispute Between Nimra Khan ‘s Mother And Sunderta Lashari




in clearification video Nimra Khan claims that she send boys at Her salon’s place to tease girls , do you really thing guys  Girl like Sunderta can do that. I am amazed that because of only 5000 rupees a dispute like this took place.

According Nimra Khan Everybody enjoy the way her mothers video gone viral on social media, people who dont even contact nimra for many years have call her to ask about the issue . Nimra was disappointed with industry as she thinks that no body is friend in showbiz. If she will be in Pakistan she will teach a lesson to Sunderta.


Nimra Khan’s mother a self made lady

Nimra Khan ‘s mother click from her younger age , looks like nimra loves her mother


dispute video between KHAN’S mother and Sunderta

Clerification video by Nimra Khan

another video msg by Sunderta Lashari who looks so calm and cool in this video