Let’s see main causes behind divorce of famous celebrities

Let’s see main causes behind divorce of famous celebrities

Umer Sharif

Umar Sharif was first married to nonshowbiz girl after divorce with first wife Umer got married to past actress Shaqella Qureshi but their marriage ended soon . in 2005 umer again go married to actress zareen ghazal.

Sherry Shah & Malik Anwar

Sherry Shah Divorce

sherry shah and malik anwar

Divorce Reason:

Sherry Shah demanded divorce from Malik Anwar after she came to know about his fraudulent activities and false claims.  actress’s ex husband was caught red handed by police for faking as Peer Baba .He was not doctor and not rich guy even he ask producers to give him money .

Aaminah Haq and Ammar Belal Parted their Ways

The newspaper further mentioned that the two were having issues in their marriage for a lot of time and after discussing with their friends and family, they took the divorce.
Amina comes from feudal background and ammar comes from industrialist back ground as his father is prominent business figure in Pakistan .

in 2014 Aminah and Ammar move to America as Ammar is well established designer in America , at that time they both decided to end this relation but few good friends advise them to take time .But in 2017 a local daily news paper break the news of their divorce .

On the 4th November 2017, Aaminah Haq uploaded a picture of her birthday with Ammar Belal and captioned #HappilyDivorced
The two had been married for 8 years and had the age difference of approximately 10 years