Media and Lesbian Culture in Pakistan?

Media has gained so much significance in contemporary era that it is considered as one of the pillars of a state. It is the impact of media that the closed societies like Arab states saw revolution , people have become more vigilant about their rights (ironically remained ignorant about duties). Pakistan is one of the most liberal as well as conservative society simultaneously. Here you can see dance parties and honor killing as well. Love marriages and traditions of vani  too.

Another aspect of media is training and education it provides to its users. Pakistani society is developing at a rapid pace. Yet Islam is an essential part in Pakistani social fabric. In this scenario, it was very strange to witness the drama serial “Kitni Girhain Baaqi Hai” exposing the lesbian community. This raised many questions in my mind. Do we need to show Lesbian Gay culture in our channels? Is this becoming a part of Pakistan as well? If yes, What are the causes? A topic to be debated in our society.

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