Meet Family Of Humaima Malik , Feroze Khan And Dua Malik

Meet Family Of Feroze Khan And Dua Malik


Humaima Malik was born on 1987, is the sister of another famous and talented actor Feroze Khan. She secured graduation degree from Quetta College. Owing to her interest, she could not get higher study. She belongs to liberal and well educated family. Her parents are very modern and supportive. Her father was a government employee but now he is retired person. Her family moved to Karachi after her father’s retirement. She is blessed with three sisters and two brothers. She got married with popular

Humaima Malik’s eldest brother Allay Malik is settle in Dubai and Allay’s wife is make up expert also Humaima’s sister in law Sidra is freelance make up artist. Humaima’s youngest sister Dua is married with singer Sohail Haider and settle in her life. She also join showbiz but soon she leave. Another elder sister of Humaima, Tabinda Kiran Malik lives in UK. Humaima Malik ‘s eldest sister is Golden Malik. We all know about Feroze Khan youngest among all siblings. Feroze Khan’s Dada grandfather was honored by British government with Name Khan for his braveness so thats why Feroze Use Khan as sir name.

Humaima was first ever family member who join showbiz and become big name. Now Humaima’s sister dua is known name , her brother Feroze is heart throb.









Feroze Khan with his elder sisters Goldy Malik and Kiran Tabinda Malik


Feroze Khan with his elder brother Allay Malik and sister in law Sidra.
Feroze Khan with his father Aqeel Amjad , brother Allay Malik and mother Sofiya Malik


Feroze Khan ‘s brother in law Sohail Haider , his sister dua , mother sofia and sister humaima malik




These are some more pictures of Malik family


goldy malik with humaima


ayaz samoo , sohail , allay , humaima , dua and sofia malik


feroze and allay
feroze and allay