Meet Our Very Own Khubsoorat Ayesha Omar’s Family

Meet Our Very Own Khubsoorat Ayesha Omar’s Family


Ayesha Omar was so young when her father died. Her mother put so much effort to raise her children including Ayesha and Her brother Aziz. Ayesha’s mother was educationist. Her mother cares a lot , according to Ayesha her mother use to say her don’t eat junk food and please take care of your diet. Ayesha has 2 half siblings as well including one brother who is settle in Australia with his wife and daughter. Ayesha ‘s sister is established in UK where she adopted a baby girl. Ayesha ‘s brother Aziz Omar lives in USA. Every year Ayesha use to go to USA and UK to meet her siblings. Few years back Ayesha introduce her siblings to world .


Ayesha Omar’s mother

Ayesha Omar’s sibThey are both my brother and sister from my father’s previous marriage.

When Fans ask question about siblings of Ayesha so she replied

”He was married to a britisher before he married my mom. They are my own blood and they live in London. I visit them often. You guys dont deserve an explanation because you all are so pathetic and intolerant. But i thought i would clear it out. What do i have to hide? Nothing. Im proud of my family and myself. Allah had been very kind. Plz open yoyr hearts and minds. Learn the true meaning of your religion. ”



Ayesha Omar’s brother Aziz lives in USA