Meet Viral Meme Ketchup Bhi Nahi le Ker Gaye Guy Handsome Hunk Aamir From Habs

Recently a viral shot from drama serial Habs Become social media meme in which actor Hamza Tariq Jameel showing anger over inappropriate behaveior of parents toward his wife Zoya character played Jennise Tessa. Aamir’s character played by model turn emerging actor Hamza Tariq Jameel. This is Hamza Tariq Jameel’s 2 or 3rd project on tv and he is playing second lead hero after Feroze Khan who is actual hero of Habs. People enjoys the meme material and make 100s of memes on Ketchup Bhi Nahi Le Ker Gaye sentence narrate by the actor.

this is the actual video of complete scene.