Modern Scholar Sahil Adeem’s Strong Connection Pakistani Dramas

Sahil Adeem is a psychologist who graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He has had a diverse career, serving as the head psychologist for the youth squad of the Toronto Maple Leafs and working with Pakistani cricketers through the Pakistan Cricket Board since 2017. Additionally, he held the position of Zong’s chief strategy officer for a decade and has been coaching CEOs on business strategy in Denmark, Canada, and Pakistan for the past 15 years. However, Sahil Adeem has faced controversies, including a ban from speaking at public universities in October 2022 due to the content of his speeches, which he refused to apologize for. He was also involved in a controversial discussion on the Dajjal and Gog Magog on the Nadir Ali podcast. Despite these controversies, Sahil is recognized for his public speaking and lectures on Islam, which have sparked debates and discussions on various issues. In January 2023, he participated in Al Khidmat Foundation’s volunteer program, showcasing his commitment to community service.

Both popular dramas were writer by Sahil Adeem’s father Adeem Hashmi.

Hashmi’s birth name is Fashih Uddin. He wrote the drama serial Aghosh for Pakistani television. He also wrote a few stories for the comedy-drama series Guest House and songs for radio and TV. He lived most of his life traveling to the United States, and for this heart transplant in 2001, he went to the US on his last trip to visit his friend and prominent poet, Ifti Nasim, who then took care of his burial because of the post 2001 crisis.

“Guest House” is a 1991 Pakistani comedy-drama series directed by Rauf Khalid and produced by PTV. The show aired in the early to mid-1990s and is set in a fictional guest house called Guest House situated in a posh area of Islamabad. The guest house is managed by Mr. Shameem and his wife, along with three permanent regular employees named Naveed, Murad, and Rambo. The series features a talented cast including Afzal Khan, Khalid Hafeez, Sarwat Ateeq, Nasir Iqbal, Tariq Malik, Nabeela Khan, Ghazala Butt, and Laila Zuberi. “Guest House” offers a blend of comedy and drama, providing entertainment to viewers in Pakistan.Guest House’s episodes written by famous writer Adeem Hashmi.

Aaghosh Drama
PTV drama of 90’s in which a mother lost her 5 sons and was sent to the mental hospital. A nice man who once love her mother brought her into his house and take care of her. When she became old, she began searching for her sons and found them one by one, all belonging to the different profession of life’s. This is one of those golden drama’s which families love to watch. The story looks like the original and the mother’s quest for her sons made audience pray that she should found her sons. Drama was repeated many times on tv on public’s demand.