Pakistani Actresses And Their Son In Laws Who Are Working In Same Field

Shahida Minni And Fahad Sheikh

Fahad Sheikh got married to Mehreen back in 2012 now both are parent of beautiful son.
Actor Fahad is married to daughter of popular singer Shahida Minni. Fahad is appearing in horror drama Bandish these days. He use to host road show 11 no then he started acting.

Parween Akbar And Rehan Nazim
Parween Akbar son is law Rehan Nazim is married to Rabia Kulsoom. Rabia is also actress and sister of actor Faizan Sheikh. Rehan Nazim is appearing in many dramas these days.

Humaira Zaheer And Adnan Siddiqui

Humaira Zaheer is famous Pakistani actress. Humaira Zaheer is mother in law of legend Adnan Siddiqui. Adnan is married to Palwasha Zaheer.Humaira Zaheer and former drama director M Zaheer are inlaws of Adnan Siddiqui. Adnan Siddiqui’s sis in law Hira Zaheer was also an actress during PTV era or 90s.

Deeba Rizvi And Hassan Nouman
Deeba Rizvi we all know is lollywood superstar. Deeba’s son in law is actor Hassan Nouman who is married to actress Madiha Rizvi.

Nisho And Rambo

Nisho is mother in law of Rambo. Rambo and Sahiba are power couple and we all know that.Rambo Sahiba are blessed with two boys Ahan and Zain.