Pakistani And Indian Celebrities Who Commit Suicide And People Do Not Know About Them

Pakistani And Indian Celebrities Who Commit Suicide And People Do Not Know About Them



According to an inside source, money was never an issue with Nannah during his love affair with Nazli. His celebrity status was at an all-time high and he was delivering hits left, right and centre. He even forced his producers to cast Nazli with him in all his films. Nazli made the most of the opportunity and the two became inseparable. But after Nannah started delivering flops and fell on hard times financially, Nazli started to lose interest in him as well.

Nannah allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun in Lahore on June 2, 1986. A witness, producer Jamshaid Zafar, narrates that there was a pool of blood in the room and it was a truly horrific scene, something that appeared to be right out of a mystery crime film. However, the actual circumstances leading to Nannah’s death remain a mystery to this day. There were also rumours that he had decided to give away all his property to actress Nazli which sent alarm bells ringing within his family.


Pratyusha Banerjee young Anandi of Balka Vadhu

Pratyusha Banerjee who was an Indian television actress had appeared in numerous television and reality shows. She hanged herself inside her Mumbai flat. It is believed that the cause of death is depression over her relationship with boyfriend, producer Rahul Raj Singh.

Every person gets depressed at certain point in life and that can’t be escaped. And person can be relieved from depression only through sharing it to someone who can really understand and gives moral support. Whatever the career it is, especially in film industry career, it is not so easy to tackle depressions.


Annie Ali Khan

Annie Ali Khan’s father had moved to Pakistan from India after partition. He was an airline pilot whose work took the family to Islamabad and then to Karachi.In Karachi ,Khan studied computer science at the Sir Syed University, and became a computer engineer, before embarking on a successful career as a model.

Khan first met fellow science fiction “geek”, director Sofian Khan – the man who would become her husband. Though Khan’s career was flying high in Pakistan at the time, she moved to New York for her marriage. The Khans worked together on numerous projects, with Sofian directing his wife in a series called New York Loves Annie for Play TV. Her marriage ended soon on divorce note.

Khan was found dead in her Karachi apartment after neighbours reported seeing a fire. She is believed to have taken her own life, dying of asphyxiation having set light to a pile of books.



Nafisa Joseph

Former Miss India and video jockey Nafisa Joseph committed suicide at her residence in Versova, Mumbai in 2004. The successful model was facing troubles in her personal life when she found out that her fiancé was already married.

She was supposed to marry businessman Gautam Khanduja but she found out that her fiancé was already married. It was said that some problems between them may have led to her death.


Anam Tanoli

A 26-year-old model, Anam Tanoli, was found dead in her home in Lahore’s Defence area on Saturday, police said.

Her body was found hanging — in what was suspected to be a suicide by police — and shifted to Lahore General Hospital for post-mortem examination.

According to the statement by her family to the police, she had recently been under mental stress. Moreover, the model-cum-fashion designer reportedly had an appointment scheduled for the same day with a therapist.

Police said that Tanoli had returned to Pakistan from Italy a few months ago.The hospital officials later confirmed that Tanoli had committed suicide, police said, adding that they have recorded the statement of the victim’s mother.


Kuljeet Randhawa

Kuljeet who was an Indian model and actress killed herself in February 2006 by hanging herself. In her suicide note, it was clearly stated that no one was responsible for her death.

Kuljeet Randhawa was a close friend of former Miss India Nafisa Joseph who had also committed suicide by hanging herself.

She addressed a special note to Bhanu Uday saying, “”I’m sorry Bhanu, I’m paying for my sins. You’re the most beautiful person in my life. You taught me the true meaning of love.”

Nisha Malik

Actress Nisha Malik commits suicide few days before her film debut
The cause of death according to her family was a minor argument which apparently Malik took to heart.
A budding actress as well as a model, Nisha Malik, who was about to make her debut in the film world with the movie Best Of Luck committed suicide at her Lahore residence on Saturday.

The cause of death according to her family was a minor argument which apparently did not go down well with Malik and she committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan. An investigation has been launched by the police to find out the cause of Nisha Malik’s death and determine whether a minor argument was in fact the cause of her taking her own life at such a young age or not.

Malik had entered the film world eight months ago when she signed Best Of Luck – a film directed by A Hafeez. The film stars Nisha Malik, Zara Malik, and Asif Saleem in the lead cast



Jiah Khan

Jiah Khan committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan in her own bedroom on July 13, 2013. Her mother believes that the reason behind her death is Sooraj Pancholi. Jiah Khan was so depressed because of her love life. In the suicide note written by Jiah, it is clearly mentioned that Sooraj Pancholi ruined her life.


Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha who was a sex symbol in the South film industry acted in over 400 films which even included Bollywood movies. Silk Smitha had contacted her friend, dancer Anuradha, to discuss a matter that was disturbing her on the night of September 22, 1996.

But, Anuradha said she could not come during the night, as her husband would be coming home shortly, but would meet her in the morning. In the morning of September 23, 1996, Smitha was found dead in her Chennai home. The reason behind her death remains a mystery.

Divya Bharti

Divya committed suicide by jumping from the 5th floor of her apartment on April 5, 1993. She was only 19 when she passed away. She acted in around 14 films and had even bagged the Best Debutant Award.

Several theories circulated in the media during that time. One such was involvement of her husband with underworld mafia and some said, Sajid Nadiadwala, her husband to be the main culprit involved in plotting her murder.