Pakistani Celebrities And Their Bangladeshi Link

Pakistani Celebrities And Their Bangladeshi Link

Tina Sani And Nadia Hussain
As we all know Nadia Hussain is niece of Tina Sani and Tina comes from Bengali background. Tina Sani was born in Dhaka, at the time East Pakistan; the family moved to Kabul for a few years, where her father, Nasir Sahni, worked for an oil company, before moving to Karachi, where after graduating from the Karachi American School, she went on to study commercial art.She entered the professional world of singing in 1980, when producer Ishrat Ansari introduced her on TV in a youth program titled ‘Tarang’ hosted by Alamgir.

Famous Celebrities Who Actually Comes From Bangladeshi Origin



Abdul Rehman

Abdur Rahman was a film actor and director. He acted in Bengali, Urdu and Pashto films in Dhaka, Karachi, and Lahore from 1958 until the 1970s. Rahman made his debut in Ehtesham’s 1959 Bengali film Ei Desh Tomar Amar, as a supporting actor in a negative role. He then acted as the lead actor in Rajdhanir Buke, along with Chitra Sinha, also directed by Ehtesham. He then performed in Harano Din 1961, along with Shabnam. He went to perform in other films including Uttaran, Talash, Chanda, Darshan, and Jowar Bhata. He acted with actress Shabnam in most films.

Rahman was injured in a road accident on the way back from shooting the film Preet Na Jane Reet (1963).[3] He lost one leg afterward. After the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, Rahman continued his film career in Pakistan acting in films Chahat, Doraha, Lagan, etc. Later, he returned to Dhaka and renewed his acting career. His last acted film, Aamar Shongshar, was directed by Ashok Ghosh

Runa Laila

Runa Laila born 17 November 1952 is a Bangladeshi playback singer and composer. She is one of the best-known singers in South Asia. She started her career in the Pakistan film industry in the late 1960s. Her style of singing is inspired by Pakistani playback singer Ahmed Rushdi and she also made a pair with him after replacing another singer Mala. Her playback singing in films – The Rain 1976, Jadur Banshi 1977, Accident 1989, Ontore Ontore 1994, Devdas 2013 and Priya Tumi Shukhi Hou – earned her seven Bangladesh National Film Awards for Best Female Playback Singer. She won the Best Music Composer award for the film Ekti Cinemar Golpo .

Fizza Ali

Fiza Ali born in Pakistan but her family shifted to Bangladesh for almost five years where she learns Barrat Natium and Music as a subject. Fiza said that she is not Bangali but to be called Bangali makes her feel proud. Fiza’s relatives are still living in Bangladesh but her family settled in Karachi and now Fiza moves to Lahore she where has her own house. Fiza Ali’s mother was such an amazing lady. She was a homeopathic doctor by profession. Even fiza use to help her mother make Hakeemi Dawaiya and all that. Fiza said that her mother was taller than her and Saree dress suits her a lot. Fiza is the youngest among her siblings she has 4 sisters and 3 brothers. Fiza’s real name Munazza and fiza is just a showbiz name.

Muzna Ebrahim

Muzna Ebrahim was born in Africa as she belongs to Tanzanian descent and her mom is from Dhaka Bangladesh now.

Muzna migrated to Karachi Pakistan with her family in her teenage as she spent 2 years in England too. Because of shifting, the actress had to suffer for her studies.

Muzna is now a known face of tv, she was a class fellow of dr Shaista Lodhi in medical college.Muzna is the mother of a beautiful daughter. Her first drama was Daame Rasai back in 2001 which was based on the side effects of the internet.


actually is a pure Bengali, as both her parents are from Dacca, where she was born in 1985. But she admits to having no recollection whatsoever of her early years there, as due to her father’s business, the family had to migrate to Pakistan when she was only three years of age. Karachi is where she was brought up and this is the place she is most in love with because as they say, home is where the heart is.

she attended Saint Patrick’s High School For Girls, where she did her Matriculation from and later went on to attend DHA Degree College For Women from where she finished her Bachelors in Psychology, Islamic History, and Library Science.

she was never a very good student. Eshita was efficient in extracurriculars though, like basketball (which she blames for tanning her complexion), karate (in which she holds a green belt), and of course, acting in school plays!

Eshita’s first break came in the form of pop-rock band Noori’s video for their single titled “Suno Ke Main Hoon Jawan”, directed by Sohail Javed, soon followed by a telefilm for Geo Television called “Bubly Ghar Say Kyun Bhaagi”, where she played the title role.

She has worked in serials like “Najia” and “Meri Jaan” in which she played a villain as two of her favorites and is looking forward to feedback on two of her upcoming plays with Hum TV, one titled “Bazaar”, in which she plays an actress from the red light district, and the other one is a Ramadan play in which she plays the U.S. returned spoilt brat.


Alamgir was born on 11 August 1955 in East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh). His father Farmuzal Haq was a politician and a member of the All India Muslim League and later a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly during the presidency of Ayub Khan. He studied in Mirzapur Cadet College, Tangail, in the province of East Bengal. He briefly studied at B A F Shaheen College in Dhaka. At the age of around 15, he moved to Karachi, West Pakistan to continue his studies at the University of Karachi to finally immigrate to the USA.


Jharna Basak, known by the stage name Shabnam born 17 August 1942 is a Bangladeshi and Pakistani stage and film actress. Actor Waheed Murad introduced her to the Pakistani film industry by offering her a lead role in his film Samundar in 1968. Shabnam remained active in Lollywood in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s. She has been nominated for Nigar awards several times, winning it 13 times the most for an actress. She has appeared in over 180 films. She was a leading actress in the Pakistani film industry for 28 years.

She migrated from East to West Pakistan in 1968, and lived in the country until the late 1990s, following which she migrated to her native Bangladesh

Munni Begum

Munni Begum was born in Kushtiya, West Bengal, India. The third child of seven children, she first started taking music lessons from the famous singer Ustad Khwaja Ghulam Mustafa Warsi. Subsequently, she studied in the school of music for three years, and thereafter she launched her career.

Her parents migrated from India to East Pakistan in the early 1950s. East Pakistan later became independent Bangladesh. She studied in BAF Shaheen School, Dhaka; however, she moved to Pakistan before graduating from high school, due to the Bangladesh Independence War of 1971.

Nadia Hussain Khan is a Pakistani television actress, host, supermodel, entrepreneur and fashion designer. She’s recognized as one of Pakistan’s first supermodels. She is niece of Tina Sani , her mother and Tina are real life sisters.