Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Married To Their Relatives/Cousins

Cousin marriages have been a longstanding tradition in our culture. Over the past few decades, the frequency of such marriages has been gradually decreasing as younger individuals are gaining more autonomy in selecting their life partners. However, it is not uncommon for cousins to develop romantic relationships, and even individuals from privileged backgrounds may choose to marry their cousins. Cousins share a close bond from childhood, which explains why these celebrities who are married to their cousins are happily united and appear well-suited for each other.


Areeba Alvi And Husband


Areeba Alvi is a popular Pakistani actress who got fame through her popular debut drama “Anaa” which was for Hum Tv. She played the sister of Usman Mukhtar in the drama. She did a challenging character of the child abuse victim. Areeba Alvi is the daughter of very talented actor Shahood Alivi. Areeba also appeared in Parizaad, she has been working in media industry for quite some time. Lately, the actress has gotten married to her fiance, in an interview Shahood Alvi reveal that Areeba Alvi’s husband is their relative and cousin brother of Areeba’s mother.


Sarah Razi And Umair

Sarah Razi Khan got married to her first cousin Muhammad Umair last year. She got married at a very young age because this is the general trend in her family. Sarah Khan is a Pakistani actress who started her career at a very young age. She played supporting roles for many hit dramas. Sarah and Arisha Razi gained a lot of love, respect, and appreciation from the audience for their incredible acting at such a young age.


Madiha Rizvi And Junaid Ali Parwaz

Actress Madiha Rizvi reveal that her husband Junaid is her cousin and relative too. Junaid is son her uncle, her mother’s brother and they have very good chemistry as couple.  Madiha Rizvi is a talented Pakistani television actor who recently made headlines after making an announcement regarding her second marriage. Madiha Rizvi tied the knot with Junaid Ali Perwaz in an intimate wedding event which was attended by her family and close friends including her daughters.

Khalilur Rehman And Wife

Khalilurrehman married twice in his life. He was first married to his cousin Rubi Naz. From first wife Khalil has 2 children including son and daughter. His son Durrab is actor. Durrab has acted in films and dramas and his daughter is studying mass communications.

Shahid Afridi and Nadia Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi and Nadia Afridi are first cousins, which explains their resemblance. Despite Shahid Afridi’s efforts to keep his wife out of the public eye, their personal life is often scrutinized due to his immense popularity. The couple has four lovely daughters who are frequently seen in public with their father.

Aly Khan and Chandni Saigol
Aly Khan, known for his unique style, is adored by many. He is happily married to his cousin, Chandni Saigol, and interviews suggest they have a strong bond. Aly Khan is among the few celebrities who prioritize family and enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Naheed Nusrat
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a legendary figure in the music industry, was married to his first cousin, Naheed Nusrat. Naheed Nusrat passed away a few years after Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Sanam Marvi and Hamid Ali
Sanam Marvi’s first marriage, to her cousin, ended in divorce when she was quite young. Despite this, she continues to pursue her career in music.

Shaista Lodhi and Adnan Lodhi
Shaista Lodhi, a mother of two from her previous marriage, found happiness with her childhood best friend and cousin, Adnan Lodhi, whom she married in 2015. The couple shares a contented married life, as evident from the family photos Shaista Lodhi shares on social media.

Reham Khan and Ijaz Khan
Reham Khan, a well-known personality, was previously married to her cousin, Ijaz Khan, before her marriage to Imran Khan. Unfortunately, her marriage to Ijaz Khan did not have a happy ending.

Saeed Anwar and Lubna Anwar
Former Pakistani cricketer Saeed Anwar tied the knot with his cousin, Lubna, in 1996. The couple has a son and a daughter and has supported each other through various challenges.



Babar Khan and Bismah Khan
Everyone knows how Babar Khan lost his first wife Sana Khan in a tragic accident. Babar Khan went through a terrible period after is wife’s death and had a really difficult time forgetting her. Babar got married to his first cousin Bisma Khan in 2015 mainly due to the pressure of his family. After many years of being married Babar learned to appreciate his wife but has still not forgotten his first love.

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