Pakistani Cricketers Who Were Not So Rich Before They Become Millionaire

Pakistani Cricketers Who Were Not So Rich Before They Become Millionaire

Life of famous people looks like bed of roses but everything in their life is not really what they pretend in public.These Celebs are bold ,beautiful,respected stylish more than mango people.They have fan following on different social media websites like facebook ,twitter,instagram,whatsapp and others.Celebrities use to travel most beautiful places on earth like America,France ,Germany,Dubai,Italy and Spain e.t.c.
People make them role model.People use to see them in dreams but People are not aware about their struggle.People do not know how poor they were before they become famous and popular.Their journey of fame, from zero to hero is not fantastic as celebs do not like to share their personal issues in public.
As i belongs to Media i know so many actor and actresses who works in Pakistani Dramas and were quite poor and under cloud for having no money before they join showbiz and Pakistani Dramas.

Some young girls who come with dream of becoming actress were harassed by unethical and selfish people of media world.Even you never believe that some guys are forced to do compromise to get work.

Modeling agencies are playing the worst part as they force male and female model to get exposed in front of camera.Models have to do vulgar photo shoots for sake of their career even Italian Hollywood actress Sophia Loren Has also accept the truth in her autobiography that when she went to give screen test director forced her to wear swimming soot which made her feel awkward.

Ranveer Singh Indian talented actor has also share his story when he became victim of casting cough. when he went to give audition to male director harassed him and asked him to get nude.

Today i am going to write about celebrities who belong to poor background who were not so rich before they become famous and popular and in this list i have include some Indian America and Paksitani stars because American and Indians are popular in our country that why i discuss them in this article.’


Muhammad Abbas Fast Bowler

Muhammad Abbas use to work at Leather factory in Multan . He use to earn only 17 thousand every month. With help of former fast bowling sensation Asif , Abbas learn how to reverse swing the ball and he tried his luck in Domestic cricket after brilliant performances Abbas get chance in PSL and got selected in National team. Today Abbas has record of most wickets in 6 matches which isĀ  a record itself .