Pakistani Dramas Celebrity Kids Who Are Not A Part Of The Showbiz Industry

Pakistani Dramas Celebrity Kids Who Are Not A Part Of The Showbiz Industry

Pakistani showbiz industry has been going on and off with the debate on nepotism. While some claim that being a star kid is a sure shot ticket to stardom, others believe that talent supersedes all and the audience is the final judge. However, it is often thought that Pakistani celebrity star kids will pick up acting in dramas or films. And that is not true. Here are Famous Pakistani Showbiz Industry’s star kids who ditched acting and took up other streams, unlike their parents.



Son Of Rambo And Sahiba

Ahsan Khan is son of Rambo and Sahiba. He is studying in Lums most prestigious university of Pakistan. Rambo proudly reveal in his interview about admission of son Ahsan in LUMS. Ahsan has not join this field like his parents.

Daughter Of Mohyeddin And Azra

In the mid-1990s, Mohyeddin married Azra, his third wife, with whom he has a daughter, Aaliya Mohyeddin, born in 2002 . Aaliya is studying at the moment. She is not part of showbiz industry yet like her cousin Ainy Jaffry.

Haya Ali Daughter Of Shagufta Ejaz

Haya Ali, the daughter of actor Shagufta Ejaz, runs a salon in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar area. Haya is eldest daughter of famous actress Shagufta Ejaz. Haya is running her beauty salon. She is pretty face , perfect for acting but she never come on tv screen.


Daughters Of Saleem Sheikh

Saleem Sheikh has three Daughters Nashmiya, Selena, and Anumta. They all are grown up and lives in Lahore. Saleem and his family is settle in Lahore. His daughters have not join showbiz like their cousins Shehroz Sabzwari, Shehzad Sheikh and Momal Shehzad.



Rea Rana


Rea Moammar Rana, proud daughter of Moammar Rana is enjoying her  life as a makeup artist. She has always been crazy about makeup and chose her passion as her profession. She share beautiful pictures of her on Instagram and we can’t take our eyes off her. She is super talented even at this young age.


Dr Shaista Lodhi Son Shafay

Shafat Wahidi is son of famous morning show host and actress Dr Shaista Lodhi. Dr Shaista Lodhi is one of the amazing host of Pakistani tv industry. Her son Shafay is all grown boy now. He is managing all businesses of Dr Shaista Lodhi.



Hanish Qureshi Daughter Of Faysal Qureshi



Hanish is eldest daughter of Faysal Qureshi. Hanish is not part of showbiz industry. She has  not join showbiz yet. She is working in a advertisement agency.


Son Of Sajid Hassan

Sajid is happily married to Shakila Sajid who is an example of a strong persona and style. She owns a Yoga center and is known as a Yoga Guru. The couple has one son and altogether, they make a great family. Sajid’s son is not in field of media or showbiz.