Pakistani famous girls who became victim of domestic Violence and physical torture

She completed her studies from Karachi and moved to Dubai, UAE afterwards. She joined radio in UAE and she used to write and perform radio plays. After spending some time in Dubai she came back to Karachi and joined the television industry of Pakistan.

Unfortunately greatest tv actress had troubled married life. Her ex husband was not keen to take any responsibility of family . He was not so punctual when it comes to do proper job.  It was Hina who manage to bear all , She was earning hand at the time and she had one son too . Her husband  was alcohlic and he use to beat her and abuse her one black day her husband was not in his conscious and started fight with Hina , Eventually he give without realizing what he is saying , He uttered Tallaq in front of her and that how he give her divorce.

Hina accepts in her interviews that in starting of drama career she was given side roles like servant type characters but after proving herself Hina become most demanding tv actress.