Pakistani Famous People Belongs To Feudal Families

Pakistani Famous People Belongs To Feudal Families

There are so many famous people in media and showbiz who belong to feudal families . Feudal families who use to be rulers of small states of subcontinent. There are so many people who proudly tells about their Nawabi background. Like Sarwat Gellani use to tell in her interview about her Nana and Nani who were from Nawab families . As we all know many big Nawabs of India have migrated to Pakistan after partition so they can serve Pakistan. There are some more people also have Shahi or feudalistic back ground like HSY the great fashion designer’s elders belongs to Feudal lords of Multan side.


Lets check out the list and tell how many of them you know ?



Faisal Rehman And Faseeh Rehman

Faisal Rehman and Fasih Rehman both brother become famous for their acting and dancing skills. Faisal is seasoned and successful tv film actor. Fasih Rehman is classical kathak dancer who got pride of performance award also. They are four brothers including Ata Rehman, Asad Rehman, Faisal Rehman and Fasih Rehman. Their family is basically Persian who migrated to India and then to Pakistan after partition. Faisal ‘s grand mother was princess of Kabul . Her name was Fatima and she was called princess Fatima of Kabul . Faisal’s uncle Rehman is famous actor based in india . Faisal Rehman’s eldest brother Ata died due to cancer . Fasih went to USA to teach others about kathak dance and he got training from biggest kathak dancer in history of Pakistan was Maharaj.

Atiqa Odho

Atiqa Odho is daughter of Peer Odho belongs to Sindh. Odho family is famous for sufism and their political influence in Sindh. Atiqa is married to PTI member Samar Ali Khan . Atiqa is one of great actress of PTV’s golden age . Her dramas Angarwadi based on Kashmiri Mujahids was mind blowing .


Yumna zaidi

is daughter of land lord belongs to arif wala city near to sahiwal.Yumna is a daughter of Zameendar Zaidi and Shabana Naheed Zaidi. Yumna’s family now shifted to America but other members like Chachas are still in Arifwala.
Yumna has 2 elder sisters, who are married and 1 younger brother. Yumna shares a very strong bond with her sisters.

Zeba Bakhtiar

Zeba Bakhtiar has a feudal family background. Her father was Attorney General of Pakistan is Rein of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.He was also member of national assembly from Quetta.Pakistani. According to Zeba when she join bollywood her father said her one thing
” Jab tum india jaw to bes yeh yad rakhna ke tumhara talluq kis family se hai”
Zeba appeared in several indian films but soon she comes back to Pakistan .


Amna Haq

Amna Haq ia famous actress and supermodel . She is former wife of fashion sensation, Ammar Bilal and daughter of former governor Punjab Mustafa Khar. Grandfather of Amna Haq was land owner of punjab. She is also cousin of former foreign minister Hina Rubbani Khar.


HSY Fashion Designer

HSY also have feudal back ground. His mother’s grandfather was nawab of Mairut. HSY’s father is feudal lord based near Multan side.


Sarwat Gilani

Sarwat’s maternal grandfather Ghulam Moinuddin Khanji was Nawab of Manavadar, and she has Pashtun ancestry. She married a cosmetology surgeon and actor Fahad Mirza in August 2014. Gilani gave birth to son, Rohan Mirza, in 2015.


Nadeem Jaffri

Nadeem Jafri has his roots set in Agra, India. Great names have passed in his family. He is the great grandson of the nawab of Badanpur(Palanpur) Mir Momin Ali Jafri. Nadeem Jafri’s father Syed Akhtar Hussain Jafri who is a filmmaker, poet and producer, served in the Pakistan Armed Forces Ordinance Dept. Nadeem is famous singer, song writer , host and actor.

Nadeem Jaffri also added in his biography section of facebook page that He hails from the family of Hazrat Ja’far ibn Muhammad al Sadiq  who was the descendant of the fourth caliph of Islam, Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib.


we cannot comment on that may be he is right.


Uzma Gilani

Uzma Gilani belongs to Dehli’s Urdu speaking family. Her family migrated to Pakistan after partition . Uzma said that in Dehli Nehru himself visit their Haweli and request her Grand Father that  Don’t got Pakistan but at the moment some one throw fire on camp of Muslims so her grand father decide that he will go to Pakistan. Uzma got married to man from Nawab family of Bahawalpur . They were Saraiki speaking people.