Rabi Pirzada’s Shocking Remarks About Actress Mehwish Hayat

 Rabi Pirzada’s Shocking Remarks About Actress Mehwish Hayat



Actress and singer Rabi Pirzada posted a leaked video of Mehwish Hayat from some event , with that caption

”Seriously, is she the one rewarded with “Tamghae Imtiaz”. Now u realise why every artist isn’t talking about Kashmir, cause they are scared to make india angry.”
Listen Aunti, ” we don’t want ur voice , i am on my mission. ”

In that leaked video Mehwish said that ” mai Kashmir ke issue per bat nahi ker sakti kyunke mujhe mana kia gaya hai”


This is how a dispute started and the video goes viral on social media even Mehwish Hayat posted a clarification statement on her twiiter account . Then some bloggers posted a photage from the event where Mehwish was talking about Kashmir Issue.


Even after actual photage uploaded by blogger in which mehwish was talking about Kashmir issue from same event , Rabi once again target Mehwish Hayat and uploaded another insulting posting about her .

This is what she write in her another post about Mehwish Hayat.


”No doubt mahwish is much better than me,my parents won’t allow me to do item song like BILLI or have friendships with important people.I m far behind her in experience.But I couldn’t imagine anybody in Pakistan refusing to talk about kashmir under any circumstances. i have seen her before after surgeries pics, she looks pretty after that, n yes true I don’t have enough money for making my lips or face better. I would rather help someone than wasting on spoiling what Allah Has made. ”

Well if you ask me who is right and who is wrong so I want tell to say that Rabi is making issue of non Issue . Mehwish is decent and talented actress. Whatever she is today is just because of her hard work. No one has right to target someone because she gets Tamga E Imtiaz. Rabi shoud work and prove herself in field of media but still she has no right to defame somebody.