Rough And Tough Tahir From Drama Serial Wehshi Is Son This Legendary Actor

Kumail Anum is playing Tahir in drama serial Wehshi on Humtv. He is son of Khaled Anum. He appeared in Sinfe Aahan as well.

Kumail Anum is son of legendary actor Khaled Anum and Tehmina Khaled. Kumail started his acting career with drama serial Chamak Damak.Kumail has played role of Wali Khanzada in Since Ahan and he is also appearing as Zawiar in Bad Naseeb Humtv soap serial. Kumail young emerging addition to Pakistani dramas. We he will be a potential actor in future.
The Guy who is playing Wali in Sinfe Ahan is real life son of legendary actor Khaled Anam.

Khaled Anam Son Komail Anam started to act in Dramas