Rumors And Facts About Life Of Sanam Baloch

Rumors And Facts About Life Of Sanam Baloch


Marriage Rumors


There are so many posts on social media which claims that Sanam was first married to owner of KTN channel  According to proper research Sanam never married to anyone before getting married to Abdullah.


Step Siblings Rumor

Sanam and Sabreen Hisbani are not step sibling. but sanam’s younger sister Ghanwa Baloch is her step sister as ghanwa is from second marriage of Sanam’s mother.

Family Disputes

Yes its true that sanam’s family had disputes.  Sanam’s father is ill and Sanam is bearing all expenses of her father’s treatment. Sanam father got married again with some other women after giving divorce to her mother. And thats why other siblings of sanam are not much closer to their father.

Marriage and Divorce with Abdullah

Sanam and Abdullah were very good friends and they got married in 2013, Abdullah was strugling actor and sanam was well established actress. Sanam tried her best to promote abdullah and give him more show so he can make his career on right track.

Abdullah wants sanam take break from morning shows but she refuse and soon their marriage ended but sanam still hopes that whenever sanam feels the pain abdullah will also feel same because there were friends, however now they are not friends and not in touch .


Amanat Ali insult Sanam Baloch

in reaction Sanam took revenge in good morning paksitan with Shaista Lodhi by sayg these words.
”Amanat to khud aik Lerki hai aor Lerki ke sath Lerki kese Heroine aa sakti hai”

before that Amanat insult Sanam Baloch in Nadia Khan Show. Even Nadia Khan defend Sanam Baloch in front of Amanat Ali who has said that if i will be the hero in Thumri video so heroine will look like my mother.

Unfortunately i dont have that clip in which Sanam Baloch insult Amanat as the show was too old .