Sadia Imam Literally Crying To Meet Micky Mouse Character In Disney Land Paris

Sadia Imam, a beautiful former Pakistani actress and host, rose to fame with her debut in popular Pakistani television dramas. Some of her notable works include “Uljhan,” “Naseeb,” “Hum Say Juda Na Hona,” “Rani Beti Raja Karey Gi,” and “Adha Chehra,” among others. In addition to acting, she has also ventured into hosting and modeling. Sadia Imam is recognized for her exceptional portrayal of emotional characters. Presently, she is a part of the drama review show “Kia Drama Hai.”

Sadia Imam is happily wedded to Adnan Haider, residing in Germany. The delightful pair is blessed with a talented and charming daughter named Meerab. Currently, Sadia Imam is relishing her vacation in Germany, cherishing precious moments with her spouse and daughter. Recently, Sadia Imam shared snapshots with her daughter from Disneyland, Paris. The actress was moved to tears upon meeting Mickey Mouse. Sadia also penned an emotional message reflecting on the nostalgia of her childhood rekindled by the encounter with Mickey Mouse.

Sadia Imam pens a heartfelt note

I used to think that my childhood ended with my mother, but then I felt there was still a bit left because my father was there. However, with my father’s death, it felt like my childhood truly ended, and I suddenly grew up. After so many years, meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, I couldn’t tell if the tears in my eyes were of happiness, sadness, or memories of childhood. Whatever it was, I want to share it with all of you today. Your childhood remains hidden within you. We often burden ourselves with responsibilities and worries, but when we emerge from those troubles, we awaken our inner child. Today, I felt a deep love for this moment and for my childhood as well.

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