Salma Openly talk about her divorce from Azfar

Salma Openly talk about her divorce from Azfar




Salma and Azfar’s divorce and Azfar’s marriage with Naveen was one of the most controversial happening of the past year. The fans refused to accept this marriage and saw Salma as the victim in this whole affair. Azfar and Naveen also confessed in their interview that the public backlash was so severe that it took them a year to come out in the public openly.

This was the first time that Salma talked about her divorce with Azfar and his marriage to Naveen when she was invited as a guest in Nida Yasir’s Morning Show. Salma said that she started feeling that Azfar had changed long before he told her that he was going to get married to Naveen. Salma said that she never knew when the marriage was taking place and only found out about it from other people.

Salma said, “Azfar gave me the option of staying married to him even after he got married to Naveen but forgiving him appeared to be much easier if I had no relationship with him. I wouldn’t have been able to forgive him or move on had I stayed married to him therefore I decided to leave him. I could not share Azfar with another woman, I do not have such a big heart.”


She also said, “Right till the last minute Azfar wasn’t sure about his decision to marry Naveen, he was confused. If I wanted I could’ve stopped him from going ahead with this marriage but I didn’t.” Salma said that when a person decides to get married to someone it means that he has already moved on so there is no point on holding on to him or in making him stay.

Salma also revealed that she had to go into therapy after her relationship with Azfar ended because she could not cope with what had happened. The therapy sessions consoled her and she realized that their marriage was already over long before Naveen came in the picture. She said, “Sometimes when people make decisions they don’t consider how badly they are hurting other people because they are only thinking about their own self.”


Salma said that women who live with a husband who has a second wife are victims of abuse in a way and they don’t have the courage to get out of the situation. Salma said, “The distance between us started when our daughter Fatima was born because Azfar was always the child in the marriage and now that there was another child he couldn’t cope with it. My entire focus was on my daughter and that is when my relationship with my husband suffered.”


“For a year I suffered a lot but now I want him to be happy. Some people have this kind of a nature I accept him the way he is. I am still friends with him but I will never see his wife and I will never go to his house,” said Salma.

Salma said, “It is not easy being a single mother. I have to give breaks during work because I have to be there for my daughter because of which I lose a lot of projects too. I have to plan my schedule around her. I have always insisted that Fatima should be close to her father because if she is not close to him it will have a negative effect on her.”