Sanam Chaudhry Got Married To Singer Somee Choohan

Sanam Chaudhry Got Married To Singer Somee Choohan




According to  news Sanam ch is now married   to USA based pop singer , But the news circulating on social media that she is leaving showbiz is false and sanam is still part of dramas, these days her drama Meer Abro is highly appreciated by people . According to reports actress Parween Akbar said in live show that sanam is no more part of tv and media and when that video clip goes viral every where people assume that she got married to Somee Chohan singer but when people contact mr Somee for confirmation his reply clears everything .Now recently Sanam release her nikah pictures on social media for fans. Sanam is now seasoned actress of tv Masha Allah. Her elder sister is also actress. Her elder sister Zaib Ch was theater and tv actress. Sanam was born in Saudi Arabia and her parents shifted to Pakistan and sanam join showbiz as proper career.


check out this screen shot


actress Parween Akbar said all these things about Sanam on live show. check out video.



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#SanamChauhdry left showbiz as she married, left pakistan, settled in USA. Are you going to miss her?

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