Sudden and Most Shocking Deaths of Famous Celebrities

Sudden and Most Shocking Deaths of Famous Celebrities


Moroccan artist Wiam Dahmani dies at 34 on Sunday night of a heart attack.
Sudden death shocks public; was a TV host, singer and also worked in Pakistani film Ishq Khuda along with Ahsan Khan and Shan Shahid .


Unsolved Mysteries Of Bollywood Celebrities Deaths Will Make You Feel Shocked


1. Sridevi

The recipient of five Filmfare Awards and a renowned superstar, Sridevi, died at the age of 54 on February 24, 2018. Initially reported to have passed away due to a cardiac arrest at her nephew’s wedding in Dubai, it has now been revealed that she drowned in her hotel room’s bathtub following loss of consciousness according to the Dubai post-mortem report.

How the original report of a cardiac arrest and the listing of an accidental drowning are linked is not yet known. More light will be shed on the true occurrence of the events once the complete post-mortem report is made public.