Things you should never eat according to high class food chain workers

Technology has made people more vigilant. One of the issues right now people face is the quality of the fast food served in restaurants. The recent increase in the trend of hangs out has a lot raised many issues to ponder about. Hygiene is on the top of the list.

The problems range from use of rotten fruits, meat and vegetables to expired dairy and sauces. A large number of incidents were posted in which diners faced disgusting situation when they were served fried mice, lizards and other flies. In addition to that, the use of non-halal food of dog, horses, donkey and turtle also raised questions about the quality of food these restaurants are producing.

Moreover, the use of textile dyes and fabric color as food color raised concern about their impact on the health of those who consume it. Use of Mobil oil as cooking oil and formalin that is used to preserve dead bodies found in the milk used.

A lot of complaints were lodged where the workers used dirty utensils. In many cases, the workers would found cooking food without taking necessary measures like washing hands or taking showers. These restaurants are mostly franchises and thus the owners go for profits over health.

Lack of system of checks and balance also give these restaurants audacity to neglect hygiene or safety protocols. Increase in cancers, stomach diseases and other medical issues are evident of bad food habits developed in society. So what to do now? Some of the tips experts give are like, eat fruits and vegetables to avoid the issue of halal food.

Demand for live kitchen. Go to consumer court if u experiences any repulsive experience. The most authentic tip to avoid bad experiences is to cook your own food. Enjoy cooking. Play with different recipes. Save your money, time and health. Live healthy and happy life.