This Super Star Was First Offered To Play Hilmand In Sange Mah Instead Of Atif

Sang e Mah is a blockbuster with strong performances and riveting storyline. Atif Aslam has made a strong debut and no one can imagine anyone else in the role now. Atif Aslam’s Hilmand has surely given Sang e Mah a charm which otherwise would probably be missing.

Director and writer of Sang e Mah, Saif e Hassan and Mustafa Afridi respectively were guests on lead star Noman Ijaz’s show G Sarkar where they shared that Momina Duraid wanted a fresh face but a superstar in the role of Hilmand. The team was in talks with many people and before Atif was offered Hilmand, another superstar was in the run for this role but he eventually rejected it as it did not make sense to him. Atif was then offered Hilmand and he loved the character.

After some digging by the hosts, it was revealed that none other than Ali Zafar could have been Hilmand but he decided against taking up the role.

Atif Aslam has been magical as Hilmand and final casting did prove to be the best. Check out how offer to Ali Zafar came to light: