Tragic Life Of Morning Show Hosts Behind Camera’s

Tragic Life Of Morning Show Hosts Behind Camera’s


Sanam Jung crying while telling how she feel when first time she heard the heart beat of her daughter


NadiaJameel telling about her illness . she use to host morning show on Dunya tv.

I used to get horrible headaches around 2007 onwards, then I was in a terrible car accident in 2009. Following it a nerve was pinched in my spine and I needed several MRIs. That’s when the tumour was discovered in my brain.

I had my first seizure in 2012, during the shooting of Behadd. Obviously my parents and family were petrified. But the real crisis occurred when the seizures started. I would have 6-7 a day. It wasn’t until the treatment that they came under control. Those frightened everyone: the kids, my husband, my parents. I hated them seeing a seizure because they would feel more fear and pain then I ever did. I would drop down in a shop or off a chair.

The treatment in London was the worst. I was frightened but I was determined to find the solution. And I did. Eventually! The treatment started very very heavy. My hair started falling, my weight fluctuating. I hated it. I lost all confidence in my body, petrified that a seizure would occur during work or shopping. Meeting people became a chore.

Nadia Jameel tweets about sexual abuse when she was only 4 year old

I was 4 the first time I was abused sexually. I was in college when it blew out of proportion.
People tell me not to talk to respect my families honour. Is my families honour packed in my body? I am a proud,strong,loving survivor. No shame on me or my kids. Only pride 4 being me

another tweet

When I sexually abused it ws by my Kari Sahab, my Driver & then by a highly educated elite families son. Now a happily married business man in London. It’s across the board. Men abuse across the board. My family still wants me to stay silent. But the shame IS NOT MINE! Never ever