Unknown Facts About Most Natural Pakistan Tv Star Fiza Ali

Unknown Facts About Most Natural Pakistan Tv Star Fiza Ali




Today we are going to tell you about Fiza Ali the most natural tv celebrity of country. Fiza is host , actress , model and dress designer too. Fiza Ali born in Pakistan but her family shifted to Bangladesh for almost five years where she learn Barrat Natium and Music as subject. Fiza said that she is not Bangali but to be called Bangali makes her feel proud. Fiza’s relatives are still living in Bangladesh but her family settled in Karachi and now Fiza moves to Lahore she where has her own house.


Fiza Ali’s mother was such an amazing lady. She was homeopathic doctor by profession. Even fiza use to help her mother make Hakeemi Dawaiya and all that. Fiza said that mother was taller than her and Saree dress suits on her a lot.  Fiza is youngest among her siblings she has 4 sisters and 3 brother. Fiza’s real name Munazza and fiza is just a showbiz name.

According to Fiza , her uncle use to runs an ad agency and accidently he cast Fiza for his ad shoot . Fiza ‘s first project was an ad video. Fiza was just 14 year old when she appeared first on tv. In her first play , she played the role of an older woman with white hair and broken teeth. After sometime her brother ‘s friend offer her to appear in music video so this is how Fiza join showbiz world.


Fiza said that she don’t know where is her father now. Because she hate him a lot for not helping her mother during difficult time of life.

this is what she said about her father

” Mujhe sirf itna pata hai ke jab mai ami ke pait me thi to abu ne meri ammi ko itna maara tha ke unke daant toot ker halaq tek me ghus gae the , Abu kamane se bhag te the , meri mother paiese wali thi abu unse paise mang te the aor ghar aa ker maar te the, baap wo hota hai jo zimmedariya uthae , baap wo jo bacho ki schooling ki fikar ker ta hai.
Sach pooche to mujhe nahi pata ke mere walid sahab zinda hai ya mar gae hai aor ager zinda hai to wo kahan nhi maloom.”


Fiza Ali consider her daughter Faraal best gift of Allah for her. Just for sake of Faraal she left working in dramas and settled in Lahore permanently so she can spend quality time with her daughter. She  fulfill every wish of her daughter but sometime she appear as a strict mother also.

Fiza said that she never open up about her love for religion but its true that she never left a single Namaz. Whatever happened she always perform 5 prayers. She is so close to Religion.

Fiza Ali doest not want get reunite with ex husband Fawad Farooq. She said that ” weise meri separation ho chuki hai aor wo kahawat hai na ke jin gallion me jana nahi waha ka rukh bhi nahi ker na chaye.”  She also said that ” jab se hamare raste alag hue hai , hamari chokhate alag hui hai unhe meri ziada qadar ho gi hai. even mere in laws ke ghar se mere lia khana bhi pak ker aata hai. ”

Fiza Ali loves her mother a lot . Her mother was everything for her . Her was diagnose with cancer and just before going to Madinah for hajj , her mother died . All preparation were done but fiza and her mother can’t perform Hajj as she died after battling with cancer.

Fiza Ali also runs a boutique but soon she ended it . She provide a platform to students so they can design and show their talent to world. she has workshop where 80 people use to work but soon fiza winded up everything as she cannot give time to that project.Her workshop was located in Faisal Town Lahore.

I am sure after reading this article about life of most natural tv actress Fiza you will love her personality.