Versatile Actress Salma Zafar Shares How Black Magic Become The Reason Behind Failure Of Her Food Business

Salma Zafar who deserve to be called a legend is suffering from hard time as she reveal about how her business destroyed due to hand of black magic. She reveal that insects and hair found in food which was made in her hotel. She started a very famous hotel in Karachi’s posh area Laiqautabad but unfortunately her business failed to flourish , she said that for treatment of black magic she specially visit Lahore and she was surprised to know that about 22 people were involve in Kala Jadu. Salma is now running her own youtube channel, She said that at the moment she dont have work because as well know the rule of industry who dont wait for anyone. Salma is writer as well. She has written numerous telefilms of private tv channels.

Unknown Facts About Audacious Lady Salma Zafar The Icon

There are so many actors who got so much in this ara due to social media but I observe many hard-working faces who never get the credit they deserve for their services. Salma Zafar is one of those faces who have performed so well in dramas and has served the industry for so many years but I never saw that she get the admiration that she deserves. So today I want to give you brief details about this unrecognized legend Salma Zafar , who started career as a theater actress and soon become an overnight star in the ara when it so difficult to create impact. So these are few facts about the personal and professional life of Salma Zafar the most underrated star.

Salma Zafar mother was converted muslim. Her mother was Parsi then she converted to Muslim and her father was Pathan, her chacha Gulrez Tabasum was famous Pashtoon singer. Her father was great musician.

Salma Zafar was so young when her father died. As a child, she always misses the presence of a father figure in her life.

Salma Zafar reveals that her father was a music composer and migrated from India to Pakistan.

Salma Zafar’s mother was converted Muslim and she converts to Muslim after getting married to her father. Salma also proudly revealed that her mother has performed Hajj 12 times in her life even she has performed Hajj E Akbar as well.

Salma Zafar said that her married life was not satisfying and comfortable. She was the second wife of her husband. Her married life ended after 22 years.

Salma Zafar is quite unusual when it comes to her thoughts because according to her point of view a girl should give permission to her husband to get married twice or thrice in his life as its a good thing.

Salma Zafar said that she is a strong lady and she never takes advice from anyone before taking a decision in her life. She is a bold and Dabang lady.

Salma Zafar’s most memorable role was the old lady she played in Aahat. In aahat she played the role of the lady who struggles a lot in life and soon she died.

Salma was part of many hit drama serials such as Khala Kulsoom Ka Kunba, Nijaat , Aahat, and others.

Salma is a mother of 2 beautiful daughters. Her elder daughter married and Salma is a grandmother of 5 children. Her youngest daughter just 15 years old and studying.

Salma reveals that she has the courage to fight with the lobism which exist in showbiz. She is fighting for her right.

Her best friend in the industry is Naima Garaj.

Salma also reveals that she has invested in the business of food. Unfortunately, her business did not go well and her investments fallen.