Famous Actresses Get Divorce Because Their Husbands Were Jobless




Asad Khattak and Veena Malik


According to the insider, the differences between the two started when Veena resumed working in showbiz. “They started fighting a lot when she began participating in the entertainment industry again,” added the source. The couple has two children together, Abram and Amal.

Asad want veena to help him in showbiz and media so he can become a star. Veena revealed that Asad ask her to introduce in bollywood so he will work there but Veena ‘s stance was that Asad has no value in Pakistani media so how someone from bollywood will give him a chance .

Even Veena produce a music video for him but he cant give his 100 percent that music video .

last month while giving interview to Amir Liaqaut Veena confess that she has taken divorce from Asad now she is living with her kids ,