Famous Actresses Get Divorce Because Their Husbands Were Jobless

Wali, who hails from the Patiala gharana, and Noor got married about three years ago, during the shoot of Ishq Positive. Noor and Wali were the lead pair of the film. Soon, however, the relationship took a turn for the worse and the divorce has been long overdue. In fact, just last year, Noor’s mother had filed a police report claiming that Wali had been torturing her daughter.

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Frequent fighting led the couple to call it a day and according to rumours, the duo has been living separately and their divorce if confirmed .

According to some authentic sources Wali wants establish himself in lollywood through support of Noor. Even Noor produce a movie Ishq Positive for him. Now Wali is trying to get some drama projects in Karachi and Noor has left showbiz.