Famous Actresses Who Got Married Second Time in Recent Past

Famous Actresses Who Got Married Second Time in Recent Past

Saman Ansari

Saman Ansari is a Pakistani actress and public speaker. She starting acting in October 2014 and has performed in various Pakistani television dramas and TV soaps.
Born: 1 February 1974 (age 43)
Spouse: First married Tauseef Khan but soon marriage ended now married to some other guy lives in America.she is mother of a son .

Saman has played Mir Hadi’s mother in Khaani thats why she comes in lime light . She is charismatic and charming . She has played Sila’s mother in Dar si jati hai sila on humtv.



Fiza Ali


Actress and TV Host Fiza Ali married to Ayaz Malik and announced to left Showbiz/ media industry . Congratulations to her for her new journey . She took divorce from her first husband Fawad Farooq and this is her 2nd marriage with Ayaz Malik.

this is what she said in her facebook status

Married to Ayaz malik With the grace of God m proud to announce that I have left my show biz and m only doing my game show Eidi sub kay liye as Ary channel helped me in my bad times and I respect them bcz they r honest people and respectable people so I’m going to complete my contract with them rest I have left my media and I have started my new life with Ayaz Malik So my friends and family I need ur prayers for both of us.

This is what she said but currently fiza is working as host on GNN local news channel and she is coming as guest in morning shows on regular basis.


Zara Noor Abbas


The Khamoshi star Zara Noor Abbas telling that when  she  went to the US to find suitors. She met a man who had no issues with her working as an actor and the two decided to tie the knot. “But soon after I realised that I had gotten married for all the wrong reasons – to escape my family and start acting. This led to my divorce and my family thankfully was very accepting of it.” she said

Soon after, Zara’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors had given up hope. “She received chemotherapy and by the grace of Allah, was to beat the illness,” added the 28-year-old actor.

Zara then met Asad Siddiqui at a film premiere, who was also a divorcee. The two fell in love and eventually got married in 2017.


“He never said that he wouldn’t let me work. Asad wanted me to realise things on my own,” she continued.


Yasra Rizvi

Yasra Rizvi has degree of BBA in Human Resources from USA. Yasra was only 14 years old she got married to unkown man . But after few years she got divorce from first husband. Now Yasra is married to Abdulhadi. Abdulhadi is producer,He is 10 years younger then Yasra but hadi has no problem with her age. Their chemistry is going well . Abdul Hadi is brother of actress Jinan and he has done MBA recently.

Abdul was in liking with her since three years but she was denying due to ten yeara age difference b/w thm. Then his arguments with Holy Prophet PBUH n Hazrat Khadija RA’s wedding made her accept his proposal… he is the brother of an actress… Yasra is a highly qualified atress having a good grip on religious knowledge.
God Bless You


Arifa Siddiqui

Arifa Siddiqui is married to her singing teacher Ustad NazaR Muhammad . He is 30 years older to her.

PTV ‘s golden era ‘s tv actress Arifa Siddiqui got married to 23 year old singer Tabeer Ali. Arifa’s first husband Ustad Nazar died few months back . This is her second marriage . Arifa is not active in showbiz since very long .