see how many Indian and Pakistani showbiz people are Relatives in Real Life

3.Moreover, Indian actress Jiya Khan is the niece of Pakistani actress Sangeeta.

4.If we talk about Pakistani celebrities their forefathers belong to Bollywood industry then we should mention that Nelofar Abbasi and Tabu are cousins.Shabana Azmi is khala of Tabu too.

one more thing i want to add that Tabu’s mother was teacher and her father was actor but he was not much successful in India so he decide to go to Pakistan for work that why Tabu hates her father who never come back to meet his daughters.

Kis naam sai pukaroun from Gharnata (1971) was composed by A. Hameed and sung beautifully by Noor Jehan. Directed by Riaz Shahid, the film tried to show the Muslim rule of Spain, but because of the lack of authenticity the film flopped. In this song you can see Rozina romantically paired with Jamil. Jamil is the father of Bollywood actresses Farah and Tabu.