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10 Unknown Facts About Life Of Nazia Hassan Will Make You Remember Her
1 Nazia Hassan was professional lawyer . She has done LLB from London.Hassan received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics at the Richmond American University in London. In 1991, she became an intern in the Women’s International Leadership program at the United Nations.

Nazia ‘s friendship with Benazir Bhutto
Benazir Bhutto and Nazia were good friends once BB visit hospital to see Nazia. She said to her that

” Mere aor tumhari life me bhet similarities hai. jo kuch tumne face kia mene bhi aesa hee kuch face kia hai aor tum bht himmat wali larki ho tum is seb se nikal jawgi.

2 Facts by Her beloved brother

On 30 March 1995, Hassan married businessman Mirza Ishtiaq Baig in an Islamic wedding ceremony held in Karachi.[18] This took place after her being diagnosed with cancer. They have a son, Arez Hassan, born on 7 April 1997. The marriage ended in a divorce ten days before Nazia’s death

Zohaib request  that he do not want to discuss Nazia

Maine apko last time bhi kaha tha Nazia ke bare me ap koi bat na kre .

But Sanam Baloch continues to ask questions about life of Nazia

you can feel the pain on face of Zohaib during this interview.

Fatima Suryia Bujha refuse to attend Nazia’s wedding
Fatima Suryia was big name in writing field and has good terms with Nazia’s family. When she got to know that Nazia is going to marry ishtiaq she refuse to attend her wedding as she was unhappy with her parents decision .

Zohaib reveals that my father unlike this person since first day. Become getting to married to Ishtiaq , her doctors have told her about cancer . She request her doctor not to tell anybody about her cancer. And she come to Pakistan to get married . She want to survive for her son. She wan in pain .

Nazia’ Soken has soft corner for her
Do you know guys Mirza Ishtiaq Baig was first married to some other girl but he divorced her , even her husband’s fist wife use to say in Public that she was such a polite person.