12 celebrities who married later in life



12 celebrities who married later in life
celebrities who marry after crossing age of 45

When we talk about showbiz and sports celebrities the first thing come in our minds is that whether they are married or not so we search on google as most of people want to know something gossip about their favorite celebs,fortunately there is lot of stuff which is enough to full fill your hunger of spice.
Here i have spend almost 4 hours to find out how many celebrities we have who married late in life.There are many issues which force celebrities to avoid marriage or 2nd marriage.some actors who have never married but when they marry it is quite late and some actors who marry twice ,three but failed to maintain balance between personal and professional life.
Noting bad in marrying late its all about luck if you are lucky so may be find your ideal in early 20’s but if you are not lucky so you cannot feel the happiness at right age so there are celebrities just like normal people who marry late in life,

Like Adnan sami who is famous for his non serious attitude a confused soul take so long to decide about his life partner .

Like Shoib Akhtar once Akhtar was hot chocolate he was fond of night clubs which effect his cricket career throughout has married a girl who use wear vain all the time Mashallah.

like Waseem Akram a great cricketer who was famous for his affair with shushmeeta sain but waseem denied all rumor by marrying Australian girl a lady who is trying her best to adjust her self in Pakistani culture we all should appreciate Shinera as she is active in charity work too.

Imran Khan the man who know very well how to identify a person has chosen Reham as his life partner forever .Reham former journalist and half British brave lady is joining Imran to change the system of country.after few months reham and imran parted their ways forever as their wedding ended on divorce note .

Actor abid ali sahab a great acting personality we have is now married to rabia noreen old ptv actress famous for her exceptional acting skills.however abid sahab marry the lady after completing age of 50.

There are people who hate Juggan as she has little husky voice but very few people know that how much hard work she has done in her whole life to get this position.last year Juggan married lahore based Lawyer and now she is satisfy with her life.