15 unknown facts about Dr Shaista will melt your heart for her

4.Shaista api shifted with her children in south Africa after her marriage and even adnan bhae n admission bhi krwa dae the bachon k but she said I was missing Pakistan so much ,,pathan bhae ki chae ,rehri wali chakar kandi ,,she is true patriot no body knows ,,she said I although never said to my hubby but he understand by himself and he said that muhabat sirf aik chat k niche rehne ka naam nae ,I want to see you happy so she can stay in Pakistan and can join back media and then she came back Pakistan but bete dono south AFRICA main adnan bhae k pass rahe and now Adnan bhae har month 15 days Pakistan aur 15 days south Africa rehte hain and you know south Africa se Pakistan ki flight 21 hours k hti hain and api said main dandi mar jati hn k 2 ,3 month bhd chali gae but he never misses to come after each 10,15 days

5.Her favourite colour is white and she in real life spend most of money on shoes,watches and bags not on dresses,,avoid use of make up in real life but keep good care of skin
6.Crazy about perfumes as once her son and hubby told on their social accounts ,,she finishes perfume bottle in 2,3 days ,,she just love to live in aroma

7.once she told her children are too much attached to adnan and call him “Adnan Anu”

as they call shaista api ‘shaista ana’ from childhood and she told now my children are even more attached to him than me and share each and every thing to him and in Charon n aik team bnae hoe hai aur mera name “hitler ” raka hoa hai ,,,she said adnan love them all so much that raat ko2 bje bhi bolen yeh khana hai to mjhe kehte hain chalo ao le k ate ,,she said I often get jealoused and say u love them more or me,,,she said Adnan call them 3 my precious gems