Aaminah Haq Pens Down A Note On Turning 50 Now Lives In Hudson New York USA

Amna Haq Pens Down A Note On Turning 50 Now Lives In Hudson New York USA

Aaminah Haq, also variously spelled as Aamina Haq and Amna Haq is a Pakistani model and actress. Haq has modelled for magazines including She, Libas, Visage, Women’s Own, Fashion Collection and Newsline.
This is what Amna Haq share in her recent post on Instagram.

In the first week of November 2023 I turn 50. I know many of you will find it shocking/strange that I would even want to share that. Anyone who’s known me for a while knows I always celebrate birthdays because they’re special. Screw what anyone else thinks! I have never hidden behind my age, or nor have I paid much attention to how I am meant to feel or behave at a certain age. Marching to the beat of your own drum will do that. I feel the same way I did when I was thirty, except I think the one thing that has changed has been the ability to accept and acknowledge past mistakes, behaviors or ways of thinking that were problematic and caused someone or me pain. You learn to forgive, maybe not forget. You also begin to accept that there are things you can change and then there are things you can’t. Somethings you need to let go of to make room for better choices and better people for you. I think the one thing my life has taught me is all the choices I made were a luxury, because not everyone has the freedom that I have had. For that I am grateful, for the space to learn, love, fall, make mistakes and get up and start all over again. My mother and grandmother taught me to survive and never allow myself to be a victim. I can’t say my life has ever been easy, I have always chosen the harder path and it’s been always been difficult, but at the same time it’s led me to where I am and all the wonderful people in my life who have shared their light with me. Life doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, but it does show you who you need to be and even the darkest days will lead to a dawn. So wherever you are, find a moment for yourself and be grateful you’re alive, well and giving your best to this thing called life. We don’t have forever but we have now, and that deserves the best of you and everything you have. To my friends and family I love you to the end of time and back, thank you for putting up with my shit and always being there for me, even when I wasn’t there for myself. I wouldn’t be anywhere without you. Much love. A