Actress Sana Nawaz Got Divorce Certificate

Actress Sana Nawaz Got Divorce Certificate

Divorce in Pakistan is governed by various laws, primarily the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance of 1961, which applies to Muslims, and the Christian Divorce Act of 1869, which applies to Christians. The process and requirements for divorce can vary depending on the religious and personal laws applicable to the individuals involved.

Muslim Divorce:
In Islam, divorce is recognized as a legal right, but it is considered a last resort to be used when efforts for reconciliation have failed. The primary methods of divorce in Muslim law are:

Talaq: The husband has the unilateral right to dissolve the marriage by pronouncing talaq (divorce). Talaq can be given verbally or in writing, and in some cases, it may require the presence of witnesses.
Khula: Khula is a right granted to a Muslim wife to seek a divorce from her husband. It usually involves the wife returning her dowry or other financial considerations in exchange for the dissolution of the marriage.
Dissolution through a family court: Parties can also seek divorce through family courts by presenting their case before a judge. The court may attempt to reconcile the parties or, if reconciliation is not possible, issue a divorce decree.
Christian Divorce:
Christian divorce in Pakistan is primarily governed by the Christian Divorce Act of 1869. The grounds for divorce under this law include adultery, conversion to another religion, cruelty, or incurable mental illness. The divorce process involves filing a petition in the family court and presenting evidence to support the grounds for divorce. The court may also attempt reconciliation before granting a divorce.

It’s important to note that divorce laws and procedures can vary based on personal laws, cultural practices, and the interpretation of religious teachings. The involvement of legal professionals and adherence to the specific requirements set by the relevant laws are crucial for a valid divorce.

It is advisable for individuals seeking a divorce in Pakistan to consult with legal experts who specialize in family law to understand the specific procedures, requirements, and implications of divorce under their applicable personal laws.

Divorce is not uncommon in the Pakistani showbiz industry, as relationships and marriages can face challenges and difficulties just like in any other profession or sector. While there have been instances of divorces among Pakistani actors and actresses, it is important to approach such matters with sensitivity and respect for the privacy of individuals involved.

Just like divorce in any other context, the reasons behind divorces in the showbiz industry can vary and may include irreconcilable differences, personal issues, communication problems, or incompatible lifestyles. It is crucial to remember that divorce is a personal matter, and individuals have the right to privacy and discretion when it comes to their relationships and personal lives.

It is important to approach discussions about divorce in the Pakistani showbiz industry with empathy and respect, focusing on the professional achievements and talents of the individuals involved rather than sensationalizing personal matters. Ultimately, divorces are part of the complexities and realities of human relationships, and individuals in the showbiz industry are not exempt from experiencing them.


Recently Actress Sana Nawaz divorce confirmed as she got divorce certificate from local union council. Sana was married to actor Fakhar Imam, they are parents of two boys. Sana Nawaz announced her separation from Fakhar in 2022. Now Sana  is working in dramas and she was seen giving interviews to tv channels and youtube channels. Sana has started her career as model, soon she become film star.  Sana never opens up about the     actual reason behind her divorce. We hope she will get peace of mind and live  a happy life with her kids.